January 29, 2022

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Vaccination or examination twice a week.  In the US, they want to vaccinate all federal employees

Vaccination or examination twice a week. In the US, they want to vaccinate all federal employees

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden announced the mandatory vaccination of federal employees and all contractors. “We need to speak up now. Because there is a lot of fear and misinformation in the country, and we have to cut it down – facts, science, truth,” Biden said.

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Those who do not want to be vaccinated will have a regular check-up once a week, in some cases even twice a week. Along with the mandatory vaccination, there will be a commitment to distance and wearing a headscarf inside federal buildings for all unvaccinated employees, regardless of their country of origin and the epidemiological situation there. The obligation to wear a headscarf also applies to visitors to federal buildings.

White House It states that the federal government is the largest employer in the United States with 4 million employees, 2 million civil servants.

Biden says it’s an unvaccinated pandemic

Biden said in a press conference that the reason for his decision is the deterioration of the epidemiological situation caused by the delta variables and the reluctance of some Americans to vaccinate. “Cases are on the rise, and we are witnessing an increase in hospitalizations and deaths,” Biden said.

The president called a pandemic „Pandemiou nezaočkovaných“ He pointed out that 99% of deaths from the Corona virus last month were for people who were not immune. “This is an American tragedy, the people who shouldn’t die are dying. Read the American media and watch stories of people dying and begging for a vaccine. Doctors should tell them it’s too late.” Biden added that the Corona virus is currently a predictable disease.

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He also called on citizens to stop politicizing vaccination and vaccination for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Source: TASR / AP, Andrew Harnik

Biden also commented on so-called superinfections in vaccinated people. According to him, they almost never end up in hospitals at all, and the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated employees.

The president hopes his decision will inspire private companies to take the same step. He called on companies to provide vaccinations for employees or those wishing to be vaccinated on vacation.

Biden also called on states to offer a $100 bounty to those fully vaccinated.

Biden’s decision is part of a measure to prevent the spread of the most contagious type of delta. The alternative has become dominant all over the USA.

A decision was expected

TV reported that such a move was expected in advance CNN aj News lettersWhich referred to sources familiar with these matters.

“This is under consideration.” Biden responded Tuesday when asked if he would impose a vaccination mandate on federal workers.

Nothing has changed for the employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Health professionals working in the ministry will be required to be vaccinated without the possibility of regular check-ups. They must be vaccinated within two months.

zdroj: flickr/white house

According to the sources CNN Vaccination mandates for federal employees will be similar to those the state of New York has established for its employees.

The mandatory vaccination decision will not yet apply to military and Department of Defense (DoD) personnel. According to the sources News letters From the Pentagon, compulsory vaccination is only a matter of time. Currently, the Department of Defense has a vaccination coverage for at least one dose of 69%, while the vaccination coverage for Army personnel is 70%.

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Google aj Facebook

According to an opinion released Monday, attorneys from the Department of Justice said federal laws do not prevent public agencies and private companies from ordering a COVID-19 vaccination, even though the vaccines are only allowed for emergency use.

CNN says the Department of Justice is considering legal assistance to private companies and federal agencies regarding mandatory employee vaccinations.

Tech giants Facebook and Google have announced a decision that employees returning to the office must be vaccinated NBC News.


Source: TASR / AP Photo / Ted S. Warren

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that any employee who returns to work in one of the company’s offices should be vaccinated. Google will take the order into effect in the United States in the coming weeks and extend it to other parts of the world in the coming months, according to Pichai, according to TASR.

Facebook also announced that its office staff will need to be vaccinated.

“The implementation of this measure will depend on local conditions and procedures,” said Laurie Guller, Vice President of Human Resources at Facebook. According to her, the company has prepared a procedure for people who cannot be vaccinated for health or other reasons.

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