December 7, 2021

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Vaccination can be requested by the employer: who will be affected?

Vaccination can be requested by the employer: who will be affected?

The Hungarian government has decided that employers may prescribe compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for their employees. This was announced last Thursday in Budapest by the head of the Hungarian government office, Gergeli Golias. This regulation may also affect Slovaks working in Hungary.

According to the ATV commercial television website, Golias stressed that vaccination is the only way to prevent infection with new types of Corona virus, and indicated that in the case of a high death rate, there is a low death rate. “The state is also an employer and will take the opportunity to order compulsory vaccination.” The head of the government office emphasized, noting that in the case of local governments, mayors and mayors will decide.


Have you been vaccinated against Covid disease?

From November 1, wearing towels on public transport in Hungary is mandatory, and visits to medical facilities are also prohibited. The tightening of epidemiological measures is mainly associated with the large number of new infected and hospitalized in the country. Currently, more than 32,000 people have been infected, and nearly 2,000 are in hospital. Of these, more than 200 are associated with artificial lung ventilation.

Of the nearly 6 million vaccinated, more than 5.7 million Hungarians received two doses of the Covid vaccine, and 1.164 million received a third dose.

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