December 9, 2021

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Black Friday

Use Black Friday and replace your old phone with a newer one, you can save exactly twice!

Discounts during Black Friday are a great opportunity to save. And even if you do it in a responsible, thoughtful and respectful of the environment, your wallet will.

Black Friday, considered the biggest shopping holiday, doesn’t just mean spending money at a discount. While low prices may tempt you to buy things we may not need often, it is worth considering whether these purchases are environmentally friendly and responsible as well. A pile of clothes returning to vendors after shopping, or the amount of electrical waste in landfills suggests otherwise. If you are going to replace your iPhone with a newer model, it might be A solution to buy a refurbished phone.

Buying a refurbished phone is now cheaper

Swappie, the leading seller of refurbished iPhones, offers models The purchase is beneficial all year round. Their prices are revealed out of wear conditionSpecifically, you can choose from three categories: new case Refers to phones with subtle signs of wear such as small scratches very good condition Refers to phones with more obvious signs of wear, such as large scratches or dents, acceptable condition They have phones with strong signs of wear, including deep scratches or dents. This condition refers to external wear and tear only, and refurbishment guarantees that all models will do so Works like new And with optimum battery condition. You get every phone with 12 months warranty.

In addition to, During Black Friday You can actually get affordable phones at Swappie Buy up to 50% cheaper than new equipment.

Source: Swappie
iPhone 8

What about the old phone?

Once we identify the topic of sustainability, the question arises, what about the old phone, which you replace with a newer model. Disposal is not an ideal path – according to a study by the WEEE Forum, the largest international efficiency center for waste electrical and electronic equipment, European family annually nearly 4 kg of electrical wasteAnd that ends up in landfills. And we’re not talking about the phones we store at home in drawers, unnecessarily.

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If the phone still works, it is not only anti-social, but also inefficient and uneconomical. You can donate an old phone to a family member or sell it to someone who uses it. A safer, faster and more convenient solution than finding a buyer and negotiating the price iPhone sales Straight to Swappie.

You can sell iPhone 7 and later, and the whole process is very simple. on the page Swappie Fill out the form, which will give you a quote for the purchase, send the phone by courier to Swappie, and after checking the phone in the production center and evaluating its functionality, the money will be credited to your account. When I replace my iPhone with a newer model, so in Swappie You can directly save twice!

Source: Swappie