December 2, 2021

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USB-C is set to become the only EU charging solution soon: but why this connector?

When the European Commission announced some time ago that The mandatory service for a standardized type of electronic device charging will come into effect as soon as possibleMany of us were shocked, despite the fact that this move was long expected. We still find a number of alternatives on the market that can rival the chosen USB-C standard. Apple fans, who have managed to avoid the USB-C connector for several years, have been particularly angry. Devices have their own equipment popular lightning portWhich, however, should change with the introduction of this rule. However, the question remains Why should the USB-C connector be inserted And not any other alternative? And would the introduction of single conductors be too strict from the start? The answer comes to us from the gate

USB-C may not be the only solution, but what’s our best market?

When we were a few days ago Dedicated Title Apple fans angry, we learned that The EU is ready to consider another alternative to the current Central Election Commission. However, the fact remains that this charging connector is currently the most widespread among smartphones and other electronic games, so this topic is not on the table today. However, the introduction of a single conductor Doesn’t mean we should give up progress in the future And forever compatible with the USB-C standard. Should a better method of fee be introduced in the future, the EU is willing to consider it A newer alternative to the new standard.

“USB Type C is currently a technology chosen as the standard. However, standards organizations and industry can develop other technologies that provide better data charging and transmission,” said the representative of the European Parliament in response to a question via email from, adding that there would be a transition period for industry and consumers.

In the end, so we conclude that USB-C will be used in devices as the most advanced charging method. However, it is possible in the future to do away with “céčka” at the expense of another alternative. So the future is still in the stars, and for now we have to come to terms with that alternative.

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The transition to the new standard will take some time

However, a single connector for electronic devices has been introduced in the European Union Not that it will be withdrawn from sale overnight All devices that use legacy MicroUSB or Lightning connectors. However, this must change later. But ‘later’ will really come Maybe in a few months. On the other hand, this rule is not yet in effect and has not been approved by lawmakers. So far it was Only the EU’s intent was acceptedAt the end of it, legislation on this matter must be submitted to the European Parliament and subsequently approved by the members. The rule for the mandatory introduction of a new standard will also not apply from day to day.

Somehow it has to come into force Transitional phase, when we tolerate devices that have outdated or other alternatives on the market. This transition period is expected to last 24 months. However, in the interests of manufacturers, this equipment should be placed on the counters speak less and less. The European Union is not planning to abandon its rule and one day it may be completely banned. In the case of the so-called However, for devices without ports, the mandatory presence of the USB-C connector will not be required. If your device has wireless charging, it may not have a USB-C port.

Do you think this is the right decision for the European Union? And which connector would you choose in place? Share with us in the comments!

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