January 29, 2022

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US military bases bullshit

This statement is not just a response to opponents who understand the wording of the proposed agreement differently.

It is suggested to citizens that both the Department of Defense, and therefore the government, oppose the presence of US bases there. We will proceed on this basis, that is, they will agree with those who are against the rules, so the only problem is the different interpretation of the proposed treaty.

In the official introductory declarations (preamble), in the draft agreement, you’ll read such escalating thoughts

“Emphasizing that the presence of the armed forces of the United States (“the United States”) in the Euro-Atlantic region contributes to strengthening the security and stability of the Slovak Republic and the region,

considering that to The US armed forces, their families and US suppliers may be located on the territory of the Slovak Republic And that the purpose of this operation carried out by the US Armed Forces in the territory of the Slovak Republic is to strengthen the efforts of the parties to promote peace and security in areas of mutual interest and benefit and to participate in joint defense efforts.

If the presence of American soldiers promotes peace, then we must interpret it according to the Ministry of Defense, which by law defends the interests of the Slovak Republic, so that according to the agreement it is a question of handing over two airports. And that’s all. The military has the right to bring anything to these airports: of course they do not carry weapons and nuclear, chemical and biological materials, this is prohibited by international agreements. But he wouldn’t have a base here. These items may only be in closed warehouses. The question then is why at the beginning of the conference He talks about the presence of the armed forces, vassals and suppliers in our territory, because it gives a logical impression that they will not only come here, but also stay here. It is also strange for the parties to state that they consider the armed forces and vassals to be here. Fabulous.

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Perhaps it would be useful for the United States to count its soldiers, whether they missed any of them, and whether they wandered into Slovakia.

The treaty itself defined the concept of armed forces as follows:

term “US Armed Forces The force and civilian component includes, as well as all US official property, information, equipment, and materials (including vehicles, ships, and aircraft operated by or for the benefit of the United States) of the United States Armed Forces located in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Concept dependent persons, whose presence in Slovakia will contribute to the consolidation of peace, has the same meaning as in Article 1, paragraph 1, letter c) SOFA a It also includes a family member of a member of the armed forces or a civilian component.

Do we really only pledge to two airports?

Let’s read the contract:

The term “Agreed Facilities and Premises” includes facilities and premises located on the territory of the Slovak Republic listed in Annex A of this Agreement (ie Slyak, Kitchen) and such facilities and other premises on the territory of the Slovak Republic that the Slovak Republic may in the future make available by mutual agreement and to which the United States Armed Forces, U.S. suppliers, dependents and other persons may be accessed and authorized to use under this Agreement.

Slovak Executive Representative Upon request, mediates provision of temporary access and use by US forces and US contractors:

  • Land and public facilities (including roads, ports and airports) that are not part of the Agreed Facility and Area, including those owned or controlled by Slovakia, local authorities or local governments, and
  • Land and special facilities (including roads, ports, and airports) for use in support of the US military.
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And what will happen in Slovakia, in a place that will certainly not be a military base according to the draft treaty?

With full respect for the sovereignty and laws of the Slovak Republic The U.S. Armed Forces are authorized to operate facilities and premises agreed upon for access and use by the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. suppliers, and dependents and others by mutual agreement For visits, training, exercises, maneuvers, transit, support and related activities, refueling, refueling, landing and pre-flight preparation, temporary maintenance of vehicles, ships and aircraft, accommodation of personnel, connections, deployment of troops and materials, advanced deployment of equipment, supplies and materials, security and cooperation activities joint and combined training activities, humanitarian and disaster relief activities, crisis management operations, Building to support mutually agreed activities and for such other purposes as the Parties or their Executive Agents may agree, including those carried out under the North Atlantic Treaty.

Aircraft, vehicles and ships operated by or for the United States Armed Forces shall have access to the airports and inland ports of Slovakia and other premises as agreed for the purpose of delivery, storage and maintenance of posted materials for the United States Armed Forces in the Slovak Republic and its States. Export from Slovak Republic.

All these buildings, structures and systems built by the US Armed Forces will become the property of Slovakia immediately after their construction, but the US Armed Forces will use them for as long as they are needed.”

It is certain that buildings, prefabricated buildings, military equipment, supplies and materials, soldiers and their family members and other civilian personnel is not a military base, as they see it all over the world. Only the presence of the US armed forces can guarantee peace here.

What about the cars the Americans will use here? Read the draft contract:

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At the request of the US Army The Slovak authorities issue, free of charge, registration plates for official and non-tactical vehicles and civilian registration plates, which will not differ from the registration plates issued by the Slovak population, for special vehicles of members of the armed forces, Suppliers and Dependents in the United States.

And since there is no rule for them here, the treaty is also intended to preserve the comfort Americans were accustomed to back home:

“Members of the Armed Forces of the United States, their dependents, and their suppliers may import their personal effects, furniture, one (1) private vehicle per person over eighteen (18) years of age, and other goods, other than firearms, for personal or domestic use. or consumption exempt from duties and taxes During their assignment to the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Exemptions on imports of fuel, tobacco and alcoholic beverages shall be limited to quantitative limits by mutual agreement.”

Since the Americans would have no bases here, the treaty agreed to:

The armed forces of the United States may be present on the territory of the Slovak Republic at mutually agreed places Establish military service stores, grocery and other stores, open canteens, community centers, training, and recreational service areas for use by U.S. Forces, dependents, and other authorized personnel as mutually agreed.”

Americans may want to turn two military airports into entertainment and shopping centers, water parks, and fitness centers.

Secretary of State, that’s without discussion, it’s definitely not a military base. Or it would be fair to deal with the people who live here, who have families and it is their home. Especially if we are charging you for payment.