January 21, 2022

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US educators have amassed dollar bills, competition faces criticism for humiliation

US educators have amassed dollar bills, competition faces criticism for humiliation

The organizers apologized.

Dakota. During a hockey game in South Dakota, a contest was held over the weekend, in which ten teachers faced each other to collect as many dollar bills as possible for school supplies.

Five minutes and five thousand dollars

local newspapers Argos Leader They reported that five thousand dollars and dollar bills were scattered on the rink during the match. Teachers from local schools had five minutes to collect as many as possible.

According to the newspaper, the teaching profession in South Dakota is one of the lowest paying in the country, and aid is often funded from its own resources.

The video from the competition went viral. It shows how teachers quickly hide money in T-shirts, T-shirts or hats while the audience cheers them on. he is writing Watchman.

Randy Weingarten, president of the American Teachers Association, responded to the video, saying it was insulting. “Teachers should not have to race for money to buy school supplies,” she wrote on Twitter.

According to other reactions, the photos are miserable. Many compare it to scenes from the famous Squid game series or the movie Games of Life.

The teachers who participated in the competition appreciated the money and said they would use it to buy tables, chairs, or cameras To teach online.

financial excuse

Money for the competition was donated by CU Mortgage Direct. company, etc. hockey The Sioux Falls Stampede club, which organized the competition, apologized for the criticism.

“Although our intent was to be a positive and enjoyable experience for teachers, we see it as offensive and insulting,” the statement said. According to them, 31 teachers entered the competition, ten of them were chosen at random.

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According to them, each teacher got at least $500, and now they will get another $500. Teachers who have registered but are not withdrawn must also receive $500, BBC informs.