October 23, 2021

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ÚRSO resolves the situation of former Slovakia Energy customers

ÚRSO resolves the situation of former Slovakia Energy customers

BRATISLAVA, OCTOBER 11 (TASR) – The Network Industries Regulatory Office (ÚRSO) continues to work intensively to resolve the situation of former Energy Slovakia customers. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the office Radoslav Ijaz.

ÚRSO assures that in recent days, all electricity and gas customers of Slovakia Energy have moved completely automatically to the Institute of the so-called Delivery of Last ResortThe office wrote in a press release in this regard that it assures all concerned customers of their continued access to a continuous supply of electricity and gas.

At the same time, ÚRSO should regret that OKTE unexpectedly, on October 7, 2021, terminated the deviation settlement agreement with Slovak Energy, thus immediately ending the business of Slovak Energy and transferring Slovak Energy customers from the regulated price system to the supply price system. the final destinationoffice added.

The President of ÚRSO, Andrej Juris, emphasized that with this step OKTE has complicated the comprehensive and sufficient assessment of ÚRSO to request Slovakia Energy to terminate its business in a timely manner, particularly with regard to the maximum possible mitigation of the impacts on the affected customers. “However, ÚRSO continues to negotiate, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, with the relevant suppliers of last resort, so that Slovak Energy customers feel the effects of this change as little as possible,” Fiqh concluded.

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