October 22, 2021

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Urban’s land acquisition is unacceptable – euractiv.sk

Hlas-SD party called on the government to take action to solve the problem of the purchase of Slovak land by a Hungarian government agency. He talks about concerns about the threat to the territorial integrity of Slovakia.

Deputy Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Committee on European Affairs, Petr Komyk of the non-parliamentary Hlas-SD, rejects Budapest’s dual policy towards Slovakia. Welcomes the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic in the negotiations on the current Slovak-Hungarian issues at the bilateral level. He described the prospect of the Hungarian government buying land in Slovakia as unacceptable. However, Tomasz Valašek, an unrelated MP working in progressive Slovakia, sees the problem on both sides.

“On European issues such as immigration, I would welcome a fair discussion with the V4 partners, including Budapest. But from the point of view of bilateral relations, I was mainly hindered by the initiatives of Budapest, which buys Slovak lands with financial injections and without the knowledge of the Slovak side,” Komic stressed. He pointed out that the Hungarian side is exploiting the space provided by the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture through its inaction and its identity. “It is necessary to start acting, because one day we will wake up and it will be too late. He warned that the initiative of MZVEZ will be taken seriously in Budapest, otherwise I fear that bilateral relations may deteriorate and that distrust between the two countries may deepen.”

So the Hlas-SD party called on the government to take action to solve the problem of the purchase of Slovak land by a Hungarian government agency. He spoke of fears of jeopardizing the territorial integrity of the Slovak Republic. “A nation that loses its land will gradually lose its state,” the party said.

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Valachek stated that if suspicions about Hungary’s purchase of territory in Slovakia, indicated by our head of diplomacy Ivan Korcuk (SaS candidate), are confirmed, then this is at least a violation of good diplomatic practices. “Then we have to ask why we put Orbán’s government in other matters. For example, why are the top officials in our ruling coalition participating in events such as the recent “demographic summit” in Budapest, the primary aim of which is to portray Prime Minister Viktor Orban as the leader of the whole region and the expulsion of the European Union “Both are not in our interest,” he said.

Danko: Unnecessary date

He added that the Hungarian prime minister skillfully and cynically uses the failures of the current and previous Slovak government. “Our Hungarian-speaking compatriots are not wrong when they complain about disastrous trips. The Ministry of Agriculture is in a disastrous state, and none of the governments and peoples in the south have been more of a priority than felt it, as a greater proportion than anywhere else in Slovakia live on Earth.” A coalition to clean up foreign relations and not ignore the problems of the south.

The head of the non-parliamentary SNS, Andrei Danko, stated that the hysteria about the threat of Hungarians began in Slovakia again. He emphasized that the territorial integrity and borders of the Slovak Republic were inviolable. His party is particularly critical of Corcuk. He notes that Koroc is pursuing a “dirty policy of making tensions with the Hungarians” in order to break the V4 unit. He claims that Brussels fears Orban’s cooperation with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis and the cooperation of the V4 countries. Korchoka called on SNS to stop its “aggressive policies”. The party believes that Slovak-Hungarian relations will not end in tension.

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Koroc recently met with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sigarto. In a joint press conference, he raised the issue of the purchase of buildings in Kosice and agricultural land by the Hungarian government. Korchok stressed that Slovakia asked Hungary to implement its government programs that extend to include Slovakia after mutual consultation and agreement. He declared his desire to build good relations. Korčok has already announced that the acquisition of real estate ownership by foreign countries must be subject to legislative changes.