January 29, 2022

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Upper Nitra miners will begin underground refining at the Handelof Mine

Handlová Dec 3 (TASR) – Hornitrian miners have recently completed their operations at the Handlová mine and will begin underground refining. This will end the 112-year period of industrial coal mining in the oldest Slovak coal mine, which dates back to July 1, 1909. In total, from 1909 until now, miners have extracted 8,2295.940 tons of coal there.

After shipping the last 800 tons of coal from the Handlová Mine Processing Plant to the Nováky Power Plant, we finally finished the operational work on the last 12 mining field on October 12 at the Handlová Mine,A spokeswoman for the Hornetrian Previdza Mines (HBP) Adriana Sivakova told Taser on Friday.

During the year, according to her, 12 field mines were closed with the last coal reserves being extracted, and electrical machinery and mining equipment were gradually dismantled. “It is currently approaching the stage of its closure, the liquidation of unnecessary mining, which will continue in 2022 in terms of underground.She added.

The company’s board of directors made the decision to end coal mining at the Handelova Mine on September 30. After the Cigeľ mine, this is the second mining operation of the company, which has stopped coal mining in accordance with the decision ordered by the government to reduce mining at the end of 2018. The time frame was approved by the European Commission in 2019.

After mining at Handlová is terminated, 237 employees will lose their jobs. Mass layoffs will continue until the end of this year. 383 people worked at the Handlova mine, 95 of them transferred the mines to productive workplaces. 145 laid-off employees have fulfilled the compensatory bonus requirement, and some and others will use the possibility of the retraining project. It should be about 100 workers. “Currently, 88 employees are participating in the project, while 59 former employees have already completed their retraining,Sivakova approached.

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The mining area of ​​​​the Handlová mine is extensive in terms of surface closure, it accounts for 48.75 square kilometers. With the gradual decline of coal reserves, part of the brown park was used by the company to expand non-mining activities. The company Handlovská energetika, which provides heat from biomass, has been working there since 2000. In 2015, the mines began to breed African catfish there.

There are several buildings in the area that the company could offer for new industrial use. He wants to preserve the mining artistic heritage in cooperation with representatives of the municipality of Handel by building an open-air coal mining museum, “ Siváková added.