December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Up to 4 asteroids will fly around the Earth. One of them will also be visible from the ground

During the weekend, 4 large asteroids will approach Earth. All of them fly at high speed and the size of three of them reaches several hundred meters.

The first asteroid called 2016 JG12 was first detected on May 3, 2016. This asteroid has a diameter of about 190 meters and flies around the Earth at a distance of about 5 million km.

While it may seem distant, it is moving very quickly toward our planet. According to the calculations of astronomers, it flies at a speed of 7 kilometers per second.

It will fly around Earth on Saturday from a safe distance from Earth, but close enough for astronomers to watch closely with telescopes.

The asteroid will be visible to astronomers through binoculars

This asteroid will likely be visible from Earth as well, but astronomers don’t yet know exactly where the best vantage point will be.

It will approach Earth at full speed around 00.23 on Saturday, November 20. This near-Earth object belongs to the Apollo group.

The next close approach of this asteroid to our planet will occur on November 3, 2024. On that day, the distance to Earth will be 17 million km.

Asteroids will fly at a safe distance from Earth

At dawn on Saturday, the 2021 VR asteroid, the size of the Khufu pyramid, and about 120 meters in diameter, is approaching Earth. You will fly more than 5 million kilometers from our planet.

However, the Asteroid 2021 VR does not come alone. Besides, a smaller asteroid, identified 2021 VJ11, about 20 meters in diameter is also approaching.

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Another asteroid, the largest of the four, is approaching Earth over the weekend. It measures about 300 meters on average.

This asteroid, called 1982HR, will fly 5.7 million km from our Earth. The asteroid was discovered in 1982 by astronomer Carlos Torres.