January 17, 2021

United Arab Emirates: Entry ban for passengers traveling from the UK to India – News

The suspension of the UK-India flight officially begins today (December 23).

Passengers traveling from the UK to India who wish to fly through the United Arab Emirates will not be allowed to enter India. College Times Learned.

From today until December 31, not all travelers coming or traveling from the UK will be allowed to enter India, amid fears of a new Govt-19 strain closing London.

According to an updated list of travel protocols, UAE airlines Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines have announced that their passengers will not be able to fly to India via the UAE.

UAE-Maharashtra flights: 7 days corporate isolation is mandatory for passengers

In a statement College TimesA spokesman for Etihad Airways said: “Many countries have banned flights from the UK following the announcement of a new variant of the Covit-19 virus. Passengers traveling from the UK to India will not be allowed to board flights as Indians have imposed restrictions on flights from the UK. ”

Similarly, Emirates Airlines said: “From December 23 to December 31, passengers making or traveling through the United Kingdom will not be allowed to enter India, including persons traveling to India from Dubai.”

The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation on Monday announced that the government has decided to suspend all flights from the UK until December 31 in view of the prevailing situation in the UK. The suspension of the UK-India flight officially began today (December 23).

If a traveler from the UK enters India through any transport hub, they will be subjected to 14 days of compulsory corporate isolation in the state of Maharashtra, said Sukshini Bagare, deputy land collector (land acquisition branch) of the Greater Mumbai Corporation. MCGM), in an interview with the College Times.

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The status of UK travelers to other states across the country has not yet been determined.

Air India, India’s flagship airline, offers a one-time free refund option to affected passengers, which can be completed anytime before December 31, including passengers from the UK.


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