November 30, 2021

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Unbeatable record?

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For more than seven years he was historically the top scorer of the Slovak national team. He scored 22 goals in it, to this day only Marek Hamsik and Robert Vitek have surpassed him. Former striker Szilard Nemeth has scored one goal more than he scored for the national team in the world’s most famous soccer league.

Slovakia’s top scorer in the Premier League SZILÁRD NÉMETH also for his traditional (non) title from Ayam Al Jazeera

Németh’s 23 goals with FC Middlesbrough, which he shared from November 2001 to April 2005, is clearly the Slovakian’s most serving in the top English competition. Only Martin Ackertel came close to him, scoring sixteen minute strikes at Liverpool in nearly nine years. There is a huge gap behind this pair. Juraj Kucka was added to the list of Slovak shooters in the Premier League over the weekend, where he scored for Watford FC.

“I didn’t watch the match but I saw the goal. Ďuro found very good free space in the standard position. He had the best start and jumpedAnd Everything turned out great, ” A 44-year-old native of Komarno said in an interview with Sport. Fans witnessed a successful Slovak goal in England after nearly six years.

“We have had more representatives in Italy and Germany in recent years. In England we were mainly represented by goalkeepers, and Coco was added in the summer. At the moment it is very distributed, which is why there are few goals. In the future we may have more players. Football in England again.”

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However, the truth is also that as the best Slovak shooter in England, after Juraj’s piece, he was covered.

“I support all the Slovak Legion, no matter what country they work in. Of course, since I’ve been the longest in England, I watch the Premier League the most. It’s a different competition than it was in my time. It’s more European-oriented, so to speak.” It’s no longer a forward kick, the teams focus on collecting and catching the ball.” View his opinion of the Slovak Football Player of the Year 2000.

From next, he began to score goals on the islands. Borough fans loved him, because he was able to score even after jumping off the bench. “I had the nickname lizard, mainly due to the fact that they couldn’t handle my first name. Szilárd sounded to them like ‘lizard,’ which translates to lizard.” He laughed at the memory of nearly two decades.

It’s true that the lizard can be very fastidious, so there is great continuity in this trend as well. The Slovakian was not a typical “hammer” with a weight of more than 90 kilograms, and he had to draw other weapons. “Back then, the top strikers were playing directly in the teams. For me, it was about speed or being able to find and use the right space. The more powerful players had an advantage over me being more assertive in standard situations.”

Szilard Nemeth vs. Dries Middlesbrough

Source: TASR

Although the Premier League has already tried 19 players from Slovakia in at least one match, Szilard Nemeth is the only classic striker among them. It is also for this reason, but mainly due to his shooting skills, that he has topped the standings in the number of Premier League goals.

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“At that time, a move to such a country was largely conditioned by the start of the national team. However, I cannot say exactly why other strikers, such as Ganjol, Majoros or Kogli, did not succeed. Others, such as Vittek or Mintál, went to Germany. When our generation ended, the new classic invaders didn’t come much.Slovak football is known to have a long standing problem in this regard.We lack shooters who would be more prominent.

It was another story behind players like Stoch or Weiss. Young people went to the academies of famous clubs, but when they grew up in them, the first teams were joined mostly by ready-made players who had already started the national teams. Like when I came to Middlesbrough, where they took me as reinforcement. Then it became difficult to apply birth control, “ Seely announced and added to the margin of possibility of exceeding his 23rd goal:

“The records someone has to beat. Often times this happens unexpectedly, but in this case it is completely unlikely. I can’t tell you today the name of a player who can do it. It all depends on whether we grow up. Let’s become a striker who fits perfectly into a club’s squad and moves in England for a few years. But it doesn’t look very real at the moment.”

Of course, Juraj Kucka could add more goals. However, at the age of 34 and with his midfield deployed, he is unlikely to catch Nemeth’s shot.

He added, “We know that his strength is medium-range missiles. He can get a chance from direct kicks, when it is necessary to serve to the goal more aggressively. Then there are the criteria that he can achieve, just like facing Everton. I think he will succeed,” Doudal Szilard Nemeth.

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