March 3, 2021

UK Weather: Hurricane Darcy brings ’20cm’ of snow to the UK | UK News

As more snow and ice conditions are forecast to hit the UK, people are urged to check on the elderly and vulnerable.

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for snowfall in the east and south-east of the UK on Sunday, extending from Norwich to Canterbury and warning that dangerous conditions will continue next week.

This includes yellow warnings for snow and ice and the entire length of the UK, from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon.

Paul Gundersson, chief meteorologist at the Meteorological Office, said: “The UK is experiencing a remarkably cold and frosty period next week, with cold winds across the UK by Sunday.

“We will see rain in the eastern part. Within the amber warning area, widespread snowfall is expected. We were able to see 5-10 cm of snow very widely, with a chance of 20 cm or more in a few places.”

Sunday temperatures will drop below freezing for many, and by Monday the average daytime temperature across the country will only be between 1C and 4C.

It was a clear drop from a relatively mild temperature on Friday, with mercury rising to 11C in some places earlier, and Christmas conditions were experienced by many last month.

The RAC has warned that it will restrain itself from a sharp increase in fractures in the coming days, and said people should think “very carefully” before embarking on trips.

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Due to the locking rules people have to leave their home only for a very small number of reasons.

Dog walkers on snow-capped Golden Mountain in Shaftbury, Dorset after snowfall in late January

Public health UK advises people to check with aging and vulnerable relatives and neighbors when the widespread overnight frosts and air cooling feel like daytime temperatures freeze.

For the elderly and those with heart and lung problems, the cold “increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and chest infections,” said Dr. Owen Landek, chair of the Serious Occurrences and Health Care Committee.

He added: “At this time, especially before it is very cold, it is important to remember to check on weak or elderly neighbors or relatives, especially those who live alone or have serious illnesses.”

People are advised to call those in need of help and support or to make a “socially remote doorstep” to check if they have enough food, drinks and any medicines they need.

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Scotland: Gritters try to clear 2m of snow

The government and the NHS hope that the potential weather disruption will not have an increasingly impressive impact on the UK Corona virus Vaccine roll.

Nearly 11 million first jabs Now managed, but some seniors were made to re-register their appointments When the heavy snow came in January.

Meteorologist Simon Partridge said continuous snowfall and strong winds in the east on Sunday would cause “very bad” visibility and up to 20 cm of snow in some areas.

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Mr Partridge warned: “As the snow comes around it may be more concentrated places because it will move.

“It means significant disruption – and apparently this time Vaccination centers Open seven days a week, it will have a knock-on effect there as well. “

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Sledges come out on the dunstable as the snow falls

Kent Last month’s snowfall was relatively unavoidable, but people there have been warned they can expect some more this time around.

Kent County Council Deputy Director of Public Health Alison Tuckle said: “In this long climate, people need to act to keep themselves and their home warm – even by heating the bedroom and living room.”

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Heavy snow falls in Westminster

It comes later The drivers were stranded There are two-meter snow slides in northern Scotland on Friday, and amber warnings until Saturday afternoon.

Ben Altas of RIC said: “As patrol personnel, we are well-equipped to deal with extreme cold, but we ask drivers to think very carefully before departure and question whether their journey is absolutely necessary.

“For anyone who needs to drive, we strongly advise you to make sure their vehicle is ready for cooling.”