March 7, 2021

UK weather: Country facing ‘chronology of dangers’ this week as Hurricane Christoph catches on | UK News

The Meteorological Office has warned that the UK is facing a “timeline of different dangers” this week as Hurricane Christophe moves across the country.

There are weather warnings for heavy rain in the UK, but there are also hazards of snow and wind, which threatens widespread disruption.

According to Med Office spokeswoman Oli Clayden, the storm is “early” with Christophe, and changes will occur as the week moves on as low pressure brings colder winds.

Flood protection is being prepared in York

It said, “There will be a chronology of different dangers as we go throughout the week, but the first danger was definitely caused by rain, which is reflected in the warnings at that time.”

An amber weather warning has been issued by the Meteorological Office in parts of the Midlands and northern England until Thursday, with Bolton in Greater Manchester still seeing 24.4 mm of rain from midnight to 8am on Tuesday.

Aberlefenny in West Wales received about 35 mm of rain during the same period – the heaviest overnight in the UK.

Flooding has already begun in Leicester, leaving motorists stranded, while flood protection has been set up along the banks of the Use River in York.

A Ferrari overturned after hitting a motorbike barrier near Leeds – the crash was blamed on the storm.

Highways England shared a picture of the wrecked supercar, titled “Storm Christoph 1 – Ferrari 0”.

It is not known if anyone was injured.

Hurricane Christoph forced the cancellation of football league matches in Blackburn and Lincoln on Tuesday night, with the weather exiting with submerged pitches.

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On Tuesday night, heavy rain is expected to hit parts of the UK, with the Meteorological Office warning that some buildings could be flooded.

A “life-threatening” warning has been issued as a result of fast-flowing or deep floodwaters, while some areas may be cut off when there is a “good chance”.

In places like the North Peak District, about 70 mm of rain is expected, while in some parts of the southern Peninsula 200 mm.

Yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in effect from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon on the east coast between Elgin and Dundee in Scotland.

As of Tuesday lunch, 16 flood warnings had been issued by the environmental organization, and 119 flood warnings were in place across the UK.

On roads, highways are advised to take care of UK drivers, while the RAC says motorists should only drive if necessary.

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Snow blankets sand in the Sahara desert

Amid flood warnings, Downing Street has said it has no plans to hold a COBRA meeting, and the National Flood Response Center is managing the response to the storm.

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister told reporters: “The important message when there are warnings is that we urge everyone to follow the advice of the environmental organization and check their flood risk and register in the warnings.”

The Sky News Meteorological Agency said the storm would bring “uninterrupted rain” to parts of the UK in the next two days, with Northern Ireland, northern England and Wales most at risk.

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“High amber warning is in effect in northwestern England, the eastern Midlands and parts of eastern England, with more than 100 mm of rain expected and up to 200 mm. Rainfall is possible in these areas in a couple of days.

“Conditions will dry up on Thursday when Hurricane Christophe leaves, but it will take a day or more for rain as flood damage is yet to be expected for the north, central and eastern UK.

“Significant snowfall is also likely in the interior of eastern Scotland when the storm clears. The latter part of the week will be cold again, but sometimes, especially in the north, with winter.”