January 17, 2021

UK vaccines could end Govt-19 locks from February: Mail – World News

The mail quoted government sources as saying on Sunday that the lockout in the UK would end by the end of February once a group has vaccinated up to 15 million vulnerable individuals.

The newspaper reports that the country’s health service will no longer be affected by the Govt-19 cases. Pfizer Inc. and Biotech S.E. The UK was the first country in Western Europe to introduce vaccines when shots were used.

It is the most severely affected country in Europe with more than 70,000 deaths, the second highest in the region after Italy. Much of the UK has shifted to tougher Tier 4 restrictions, which ban home mixing and forced the closure of pubs, restaurants and many other businesses after the virus was detected earlier this month.

The vaccine, developed by Oxford University and Astrogeneca PLC, will be released across the UK from January 4, the Sunday Telegraph reported, citing plans made by ministers. The study said the government hopes 2 million people will receive the first dose of one of the vaccines within two weeks of the release of the Astrogenega shot.


The Telegraph reports that mass vaccination centers in sports halls and conference halls will open in the second week of January. The Oxford vaccine is easier to store and handle than it came from Pfizer, making it easier to reach people in remote parts of the country.

The newspaper reports that government officials are preparing to hold an important meeting on the epidemic on Monday, after scientists warned that school closures could be needed to slow the spread of the new Govt-19 variant.

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The rate of virus outbreak, known as R number, is estimated at 1.1 to 1.3 as of December 24, according to the latest government data. A reading above 1.0 indicates that the virus is spreading rapidly. A further 34,693 cases and 210 deaths were reported in the UK on December 26.