April 17, 2021

UK PM Johnson could lose his seat and majority in next election – World News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to lose his seat, and both major political parties are unlikely to win a majority in the next general election, not until 2024, according to a new poll.

This is the first comprehensive survey of public opinion on the recently concluded Brexit talks and Johnson’s handling of the Govt-19 epidemic, following changes to plans to allow families to visit at Christmas in parts of southern England to combat the spread of the virus.

More than 22,000 people cast their ballots in a four-week period in December, conducted by research data firm Focaltata and published by the Sunday Times.

The Multilevel Recession and Post-Tier (MRP) poll found that the ruling Conservatives would lose 81 seats and destroy a majority of 80 seats. The poll suggests the Conservatives will win 284 seats and the opposition Labor Party 282 seats.

The Scottish National Party, which wants to withdraw from the rest of the UK, is projected to win 57 of the 59 seats in Scotland, meaning the party could play a key role in forming the next government.

The poll suggests the prime minister could lose his own place in Oxbridge, west of London.

Johnson won a landslide victory last year, which allowed Britain to pull out of EU orbit on New Year’s Day, after nearly half a century of close ties.

But Johnson’s prime ministership could be increasingly defined by the government’s response to the corona virus epidemic that has already killed more than 74,000 people and crushed the economy.

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