March 3, 2021

UK Lockdown News: UK Police Break Up Lockdown-Floating Wedding With 400 Guests | World News

London: Police London On Friday they broke up a wedding attended by 400 people – despite a nationwide lockout that prevents houses from mixing.
This place is a school that died from the corona virus last year.
Metropolitan Police say they found hundreds of people with black windows at a north London school on Thursday night. “Following the investigation it was established that the group had gathered at that place for a wedding,” the force said.
Marriages are allowed only in “exceptional circumstances” – when one partner is dangerously ill – and with a maximum of six people in attendance.
Police said the organizer could be fined 10,000 10,000 (6,13,600), several guests fled when police arrived, but fined கொண்ட 200 for five people who attended.
Yesodi Hadora Senior Girls’ School, a state-funded Orthodox Jewish High School, said in a statement that it was “absolutely horrified” by the incident last night and strongly condemned it.
The school said its hall was leased to an outside organization and that “we did not know the marriage was taking place.”
Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, President of the United Kingdom, condemned the incident.
He tweeted: “At a time when we are all making such great sacrifices, this is a shameless abolition of the responsibility to save lives, and such illegal behavior is hated by the majority of the Jewish community.”
The principal of the school, Rabbi Avirhome Pinter, died of a corona virus infection in April.
As part of the crackdown on a new outbreak of the virus, pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues across the UK have been closed and people often have to stay home. Nearly 95,000 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the UK, the highest number in Europe.
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