March 3, 2021

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Recent data from Israel show that the Pfizer vaccine is most effective after two doses

More positive vaccination reports have emerged from Israel tonight – less than 0.027% of those receiving the second COVID-19 vaccine dose, one of the country’s largest healthcare providers, said they were infected with the virus. Sky Middle East correspondent Mark Stone.

The standard drop of real-world performance data from Israel over the past few weeks has been advancing with its vaccine roll.

Most of the data are preliminary and some have no relevant control studies. But these latest data from Maccabee Health Services are far more comprehensive.

This shows that over 66 weeks after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, only 66 out of +/- 248,000 were infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The company said in a statement to Sky News that the victims experienced only mild symptoms such as headaches, coughs, weakness and fatigue. No one was hospitalized or had a fever above 38.5.

The agency added that people who have not been vaccinated are 11 times more likely to become infected.

Dr. Anat Ekka-Zohar, Director of Data and Digital Health at Maccabee Healthcare Services, said: “This data is very encouraging. Seven to 18 days after receiving the second dose, 92% of vaccine efficiencies are excellent results. Will monitor. “

Some countries, including the UK, are delaying the second dose to vaccinate as many people as possible with existing products.

Israeli data do not definitively show the effectiveness of a single dose because the country follows manufacturer guidelines in administering the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine after the first three weeks.

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