April 17, 2021

UK Govt-19 strain: Indian city forces 14-day isolation – News

On the seventh day after the RT-PCR test arrives at the respective hotels, the corporate facilities will be run at their own expense.

In view of the emergence of a new corona virus variant in the UK, the Mumbai Civil Society on Sunday issued revised guidelines to ensure compulsory isolation for all travelers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

According to the revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), passengers will be placed under corporate isolation upon arrival, and the RT-PCR test will be conducted on the seventh day after arrival at the respective hotels, at their own expense.

“If the test report is found to be negative, passengers will be discharged from corporate isolation after seven days with the advice of seven days of compulsory home isolation. A total of 14 days of isolation must be ensured,” the Brahan Mumbai Corporation (PMC) said in a statement.

According to the guidelines, the house will be sealed with isolation and they will stay in the house isolation from the passengers.

If the test results are found to be positive, passengers will be referred to the designated Covit-19 Hospital such as Seven Hills in the UK and the GT Hospital for travelers from other countries for further evaluation and treatment, the report said.

However, corporate isolation exemption is available to officers working in foreign embassies and advisory general offices.

It said the guidelines of the “Vande Bharat Mission” for officers working in the embassy should be followed in the application for exemption.

“These guidelines will apply to all passengers arriving at Mumbai International Airport from the UK, South Africa, the Middle East and European countries until further orders,” the statement added.

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In the guidelines issued on December 24, the BMC said that those who had come to Mumbai from the UK in the past one month would be traced.

All travelers arriving directly or indirectly from the UK must be subjected to compulsory corporate isolation at their own expense and stay seven days in nearby hotels, the civic body said.