March 3, 2021

UK government launches m 11 million energy entrepreneurship fund – reNews

The UK government has introduced $ 11 million in funding for energy entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into real products and services while eliminating carbon emissions.

The The Energy Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF) seeks to move forward new clean technologies in all sectors of the UK industry, as part of its UK efforts to eliminate its contribution to climate change by 2050.

The project is funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy b1 billion Net Zero Innovation.

It increases energy efficiency in people’s homes, reduces carbon emissions, improves green transportation, and creates cleaner and greener ways to generate energy and heat.

The funds will be shared between 15 and 20 projects, Each successful bidder receives up to 1 million m.

Previous recipients include CCM Technologies in Swindon, which works with Walkers Crisps to implement carbon capture innovations in its industrial processes.

The Leeds-based C-Capture has been successful in developing processes to capture harmful greenhouse gases, using its technology innovatively at the Trax Power Station in North Yorkshire.

Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevlian (Picture) Said: “The UK is known for its strong entrepreneurial mindset.

“We want to unleash this talent to move green technologies forward in the UK, helping the public and businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

“The Energy Entrepreneurship Fund is supporting the UK’s next generation of innovators and innovators to make their ideas a reality.

Since 2012, EEF has provided 72 million worth of grants, supported 156 projects and raised over $ 500 million in private investment – which is still growing.

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