March 7, 2021

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What does the EU decision to recognize all vaccine exports mean to the UK?

Europe Correspondent Adam Parsons Analysis

Europe is bringing in something called a transparency mechanism – a way to control vaccine exports.

In other words, knowing where the vaccines go when exporting them to the European Commission, what types of vaccines are available, and how many ships are in them should be an additional tool in the arsenal.

This applies to companies that have a vaccine contract with the EU – a way for European authorities to verify how their investment is being spent.

So what the commission said is that companies should now get notice of where the vaccines are going when they leave the EU.

There is a list of exempt countries, but not the UK. Vaccines therefore manufactured in the European Union but exported to the UK will now require this approval.

Is it a precursor to some form of vaccine control? According to the EU, no. It is simply a transparency mechanism.

But, of course, there are those who say that this is the next step on the road to greater control. If EU countries are really running out of vaccines, will they be happy to see those vaccines continue to be exported?

At this point, the EU says yes – agreements must be respected. But Brussels officials have now issued a statement saying that they are the only ones. “We will try to ensure that the expectations of these countries for supply are met. ”

For many who seem to be building in an active room, either way down the road, they want to bring in stricter export restrictions.

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