March 7, 2021

UK COVID-19 variant detected in West Virginia | WV News

Charleston, WV (WV News) – Three cases of P1.1.7 of the Covit-19 variant, commonly referred to as the UK variant, have been found in West Virginia.

Forty-two states, including all states bordering West Virginia, have registered 1,523 cases in the UK variant.

The state Department of Health and Human Resources has partnered with the University of West Virginia and the University of Marshall to conduct a complete gene sequence that can be used to detect this variation.

Confirmed cases are in the North Central part of West Virginia.

“It is not surprising that there is this COVID-19 variant in West Virginia and we have a good motivation to double the prevention efforts we have been making for months,” said Dr. Ayn Amjad, state health officer and commissioner of the DHHR’s Public Health Bureau. “Now we have this confirmation, as the Governor’s Judge has always said, ‘This is not the time to be afraid; this is the time to be wise.’ All West Virgins are constantly washing their hands, social exclusion, wearing the right mask, getting tested, and getting vaccinated when it’s their turn. To. ”

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