January 21, 2022

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U12 ŠK Slovan Bratislava Bratislava national team coach, Adrian Lisak, talks about youth football

I am posting advice about the most enthusiastic coach in youth football, my colleague – coach Mgr. Adrián Lysák. Tomáš Fedák of the ŠK Slovan Bratislava Academy wrote a short and succinct email at the invitation of Sportnet, where we were looking for exceptional young coaches.

Adrien Lesock The twenty-six-year-old is from Stará Ľubovňa, as a teenager he played for FC Košice. After graduating from high school, he went to Bratislava to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and the Department of Physical Education and Teaching.

In addition to his studies, he played all over the capital, in Ivanka Pri Donagi, in Svaty Gore, and even then devoted himself to children. He was also a member of the national under-19 and under-21 teams.

He later coached the preparations in Karlovka and through Inter Bratislava he reached Slovan Bratislava four years earlier. There he is currently training the U12 class.

It is inspired by Johan Cruyff and the German coaching school. His coaching dream is for his team to love football and to continue playing the sport throughout their lives.

Are you always drawn to working with children?

I did what I liked. I was still moving around in football, which fills me the most. That is why I chose the training path. I knew I had to start with the younger kids and gradually push higher and higher.

I’ve already had a few offers of adult training, but now I still see myself as more young than I have to go for guys somewhere.

Later I would like to become a professional coach, travel abroad to some great academies, and my dream is to make a name for myself in men’s soccer abroad.

Adrian Lesack.

Slovan Bratislava is the most popular club in Slovakia. Although fewer children are interested in football today than there were decades ago, whites may still make their decisions, not recruit. Can you confirm that?

Slovan is a brand, one of the biggest clubs in Slovakia. I am grateful to be there and want to repay everything I have currently learned with the kids.

There is a different competition in Slovan than in other clubs. It really is a selection from all the kids around. Although Bratislava’s second club is already operating as an academy, Slovan is still in the lead.

What other differences do you see between Slovan and other clubs in the region where you have worked previously?

The biggest difference is in the quality of the players. The next thing is the terms. The advantage our players have is that they are in contact with the first team every day, as we train in the same area. So they see top-tier stars, take pictures with them, have experiences with them, and some of the players have already recognized them. There is a friendly atmosphere.

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And especially they have a huge service, they have a coach, assistant, fitness coach and goalkeeper coach.

Service, including lunches, accommodations or bus transfers, is provided by the member which is the lowest of all Bratislava clubs.

Young coaches are the soul of football. Sportnet presents interviews with experts who have dedicated their lives to educating young people.

If you know an exceptional youth coach, write to us at [email protected] Even with a brief rationale for why the whole of Slovakia should know it.

What do you think is the key in youth football? There are coaches who are still following the results, and some claim that at this age it is not about points at all.

Kids should look forward to training, love soccer and enjoy the game. This is a general rule that should apply everywhere. When a child does not enjoy it, it is useless.

We can also lose matches, but children have to have a winning mentality to learn to deal with obstacles and burdens, but also accept defeat.

I do not strive for results, I can win by ten goals and still be dissatisfied with the performance presented, and vice versa: even after a loss I can praise them to heaven.

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What is the situation of the children themselves? Do they take soccer for fun or do they really want to become professional soccer players?

In our country, children are already more focused. They realize that if they do enough and sacrifice something, they can become something. Although it doesn’t always work.

However, we also have boys who love football, are ready, want to learn, but know that school is still a priority. I assure them that school comes first at this point. Football is used to stop them from walking on bad sidewalks, to turn into habits and to be able to work on a team.

The most important thing is that football brings joy to children. (Author: AL Archive)

What do you think of the qualities by which it is possible to predict at an early age who will become a professional player?

hard to say. The basis is discipline and readiness to work on oneself. Some proportion is also talent and talent, but without hard work and preparation it does not work at all. They must always be prepared to be able to respond to a particular situation.

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What is your coaching creed?

Discipline comes first. My belief is that with the approach they can achieve more than talent, and the team is more than a player. Children need to realize that they are working with a team, friends. Of course, the individual characters also jump, but the team comes first.

Have you ever faced a situation where a parent inappropriately pushed his or her child to play more times?

Parents must be contacted in advance. I select the nomination for the match according to my knowledge and conscience. If the child is not nominated, I don’t want to talk to my parents about it. Let the boy come to me and I will talk to him about what needs to be changed and improved in the training process and why he was not nominated.

I haven’t seen my parents pay me yet, and I don’t think they can afford it. I want to do it fairly so that every player gets space to show what’s inside.

Bratislava U12 ŠK Slovan Team.

Some world clubs have a clearly defined style, which is already being promoted in youth teams. Is there a similar concept in the Slovenian language?

Young people are divided into teens, students and preparation sections. We in the student class have our own philosophy about how we like to play. I’m currently in the U12 class, where there is a gradual transition from a small field to a large field and there is also an 8+1 intermediate jump, so it adapts a bit to our class.

But of course seniors have a clear vision of how they want to play. We created it, we try to complement, improve and crystallize it with our colleagues.

What is philosophy?

We know that football is changing and accelerating. In the training process, we make sure that we have fast and lively players, that we play vertically, in a straight line and that the players are fast enough throughout the game. We make sure that we are offensive, score a lot of goals and that the players can play under pressure. We strive to have confident players with a winning mindset.

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Do the children realize that they are playing for Slovan, in a club with a long tradition?

They know what Slovan is, and they are proud to be in the club. When we go to different tournaments in Slovakia but also abroad, it’s clear that Slovan is Slovan and even opponents see it that way.

However, being a Slav in Slovakia is one thing and another how we can compete with other European teams. We have experience with the clubs of Sparta, Slavia, Dynam Zagreb, Vienna or Budapest. They also know what Slovan is, so they choose us for matches and tournaments so that we can face the best in Central Europe.

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I try to instill in the boys not to play for Slovan, but to correctly represent the club.

Adrián Lysák in training. (Author: AL Archive)

The fact that the international confrontation is something completely different from the domestic league, we see it every year on the example of the Slavic team. How is it for the guys, how are you compared to other clubs in the area?

I have experienced that the differences are not significant and can be compared with clubs from neighboring countries. There is not much difference, they are excellent matches and eye-opening for the boys as they work outside. The level of teams from Prague, Vienna and Budapest is very similar to ours. But later, of course, a turning point can come.

When do you think the difference will appear compared to the Czech Republic?

I think he makes the most crashes in 18 to 21 years. This is the transition period for men’s football, this is the biggest respite. It was created by circumstances, perhaps opportunities.

There is now a tendency in Slovakia to play with young players, but it cannot be from year to year. However, we see that it can also be done in this style. Slovan also has players who are not currently part of Team A, so the U21 project was created for them at the club, for a smoother transition into men’s football.

The kids hit him, his team plays without a goalkeeper.  Allegedly a lot of things are neglected here

employment List your age group We can find interesting names: Dennis Chufak, Alan Mile Limbaquale, Timothy Teitel…is it just a coincidence, or are they really the sons of great footballers?

They are really the children of famous players. It is an advantage that their parents are footballers and understand football. They are normal kids, grown up properly and there is no problem with them.

Boys also know who their fathers are, because there are fathers in every match, so they know each other. It can be seen that their parents have an overview and experience, and boys can see that they have this in their genes. However, we, the coaches, don’t realize the name, but look at how the boys work, what their system is and whether they meet our criteria.

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