January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Two streams of solar wind approach the Earth. It will be possible to observe the aurora borealis

Two streams of solar wind are approaching our planet. They must have arrived December 31 and the second current should approach Earth on January 3.

These days, the aurora borealis can appear in the Arctic region, which will delightfully illuminate New Year’s Eve for the peoples of the Nordic countries.

During the coming new year, the sky is also lit up with the aurora borealis, which is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena ever.

In a few days, ie. On January 3, when the second current of the solar wind reaches Earth, it will be possible to witness the colorful scenes in the night sky around the North Pole again.

What is the solar wind?

Solar winds are streams of charged particles that are emitted from the sun and travel out into space. NASA estimates that these events can reach an average speed of about 1.6 million km/h.

Winds from the solar corona and upon approach can mix with the Earth’s magnetic field and lead to a number of phenomena, including geomagnetic storms, for example. perturbation of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

During a geomagnetic storm, radio and satellite signals may be subject to interference, which may result in the loss of mobile phone signal and the Internet, including GPS.

But this time, the solar wind won’t be strong enough to cause a geomagnetic storm. The fact that they came close to our planet will only appear in the aurora borealis this time.