January 19, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Two decades of data is very bad. The earth is gradually getting darker and the environmental catastrophe deepens

Using satellite data, which they have been collecting for nearly two decades, scientists have come up with a surprising and not very satisfactory fact. The Earth is reflecting less and less light into space, and global warming is the cause. However, it is this process that increases global warming, Science alert announces.

The earth is starting to darken

Scientists have measured Earth’s reflection using light that reflects Earth back to the moon. The data obtained, which the researchers collected between 1998 and 2017, do not show anything good. Earth’s reflectivity decreased by 0.5%.

This means that a square meter of land will reflect 0.5 watts less light. The brightness of the Earth depends on two factors – its reflection and the amount of light that falls on it. However, the data showed that these two factors do not agree, I write in my studies.


It follows that the darkening of our planet is caused by a factor that is directly on Earth, especially in recent years. Satellite measurements later told scientists that Earth’s dimming could be due in large part to a reduced amount of bright, low clouds with high reflectivity over the eastern Pacific Ocean. However, for example, he is also in danger The Atlantic Ocean, where there is an important sea current collapse risk.

It’s our fault again

Scientists have linked this process to global warming, and the relationship, unlike our planet, is clear. In areas where clear clouds decrease, the ocean surface temperature rises. This is due to the reversal of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, a process that accounts for temperature fluctuation in the eastern Pacific.

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The Earth reflects about 30% of sunlight, and if it begins to reflect less and less due to global warming, the process that experts fear will occur most. Climate change will start working on its own and will not be stopped even by stopping harmful greenhouse gas emissions completely.

Hawaii Sea Grant King Tides Project/NASA Earth Observatory/Joshua Stevens

One of the biggest concerns is the glacier. if Informuje Yale Environment 360There are about 60 billion tons of methane and 560 billion tons of organic carbon in the submarine permafrost – more than the entire human race has produced in 15 years.

We need to do more research

Scientists are now sounding the alarm and calling for more accurate measurements. Until now, many believed that global warming would increase its repercussions and help us combat climate change, but the opposite is likely true.

“It’s really annoying” Planetary scientist Edward Schwetterman of the University of California, Riverside claims. According to Slovak climatologists, climate change will also bring the Earth to its knees And Slovakia will not be able to avoid them either.