December 7, 2021

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Two combined parks, Živé zrnko and Susedská oáza, will be established in Karlova Ves Autonomous

Karlova Ves Community Park


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Oasis of live grain and neighborhood. This will be called the new community gardens. Residents of the surrounding streets want to bring life to other public spaces in this way. Part of the former Karlovy Vary Sports Club building and unused stadium-side space in Adámi is currently in preparation for the 2022 horticultural season. The local government reported this on its website.

Enthusiasm for gardening is growing at Karlova Ves. Since gardens are not within everyone’s reach, they enjoy the growing popularity of community gardens. Friends or neighbors with the same hobby can use the potential of neglected or unused public spaces and give them a nicer face.

One of the sites offered for conversion is the sports complex in Janotová. The newly formed civil association Živé zrnko wants to improve it. “Behind the civic association Živé zrnko is a group of people from Karlova Ves interested in actively improving public spaces and supporting community life. Our goal is to create a pleasant meeting place for people who will maintain and develop green spaces together. The community garden will help integrate all age groups into common interests” , said assembly member Denisa.

The Living Grain Community Garden should be a full community space. In addition to growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, they will also be used to organize social and educational events. They want to set up workshops, discussions, exhibitions, garden parties, children’s creative reading, theater or live bazaar.

The community garden project was created in cooperation with Karlova Ves District and with financial support from the City of Bratislava.

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Do traffic lights in Karlovka cross the tram line for you, too? Traffic Analyst has a clear opinion on the matter

The launch of traffic lights at the crossings above the tram line immediately met the reservations of some Karlovice drivers. They complain that it is red for a long time, which it unnecessarily delays. Before the traffic lights started, traffic was said to have been smoother. It is not clear to many drivers what principle the red interval operates on. They also have doubts about whether it coincides with the passage of the tram. Transportation analyst Josef Drahovsky and the municipality also commented on the problem.

Community garden out of nowhere. However, one could call the idea of ​​four Adamian families, who no longer enjoy wandering around the neglected areas behind the apartment block every day. During this year, they decided to gradually transform the bleak space under the trees between the tram stop and the tall apartment building in Adámi into a community garden, the oasis of neighbor. “Thanks to the city’s community composting program, compost found a place there, which symbolically began the nascent garden story. Gradually, benches and a small fence were added to the garden,” the municipality said on its website.

“Next year we want to add raised flower pots to the garden. We plan to prepare events for the neighbors, which they can learn about at [email protected] It is also possible to contribute biodegradable waste to community composting,” said project author, Tatiana Karova, “if If someone would like to compost with us, all you have to do is write to the given email address.”

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