January 28, 2022

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Twisted Metal Revival Reportedly Received FireSprite, MotorStorm Administrator May Also Be Involved

Twisted Metal Revival Reportedly Received FireSprite, MotorStorm Administrator May Also Be Involved

While Sony has yet to officially announce the game, there were reports earlier this week that the company, which is said to have revived Twisted Metal, has been pulled from Destruction developer AllStars Lucid Games and handed over to a “first party studio in Europe.” . Of course, there has been a lot of speculation about what studio it could be, but now And Video Game Chronicles (the source of the original gossip) stepped in with a more specific answer – The newly acquired FireSprite appears to have been acquired by the government.

FireSprite has been on the top of many people’s lists since the studio’s founders worked on the WipeOut series and are located in Liverpool, just minutes from the Lucid Games headquarters. There also appears to be evidence of talent migration between the two studies ResetEra user with eagle eyes Note that Matt Southern has moved from Lucid to FireSprite, where he takes on the role of Game Director. Previously directed Southern MotorStorm: Apocalypse and worked for Destruction AllStars in Lucid. Can he drive the new twisted metal? We don’t know for sure, but it appears to be a strong possibility.

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Again, none of this has been officially confirmed yet, but Sony Pictures he have She announced the TV series Twisted Metal with MCU star Anthony Mackie in the title role. It would definitely make sense for Sony to try to release a new video game around the same time as the TV series in a bit of institutional synergy. Sony hasn’t set a release date for the Twisted Metal series, but it’s expected sometime in 2023.

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What do you think about all this? Does the prospect of a new Twisted Metal sound more exciting when it’s potentially led by FireSprite? Sony appears to trust the study, as it is also co-developing Horizon Call of the Mountain for the upcoming PSVR 2 game.