January 24, 2022

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True Colors dazzles with negative reviews, but not because of the low quality of the game

The Chinese revolted.

Review bombing is a common process in which a group of hackers end up rating a particular game for a specific reason, which rarely has anything to do with the quality of the game itself. You may remember how Metro games were only “made” because 4A Games announced that Metro Exodus would be a time-exclusive on the Epic Games Store…

Now, however, “hey” is played by a game that is not worth it at first glance. The story game Life is Strange: True Colors got it Lots of negative reviewswhich have one common denominator. Chinese players.

In the city of Haven Springs, where the game takes place, there is a shop called Tibetan Treasures, over which the Tibetan flag, which is used as a symbol of Tibet’s quest for independence, flies, and in China, this flag is banned.

Thus, the game receives only negative reviews for this flag on the grounds that “Tibet is part of China” and that “the game contains elements of Tibetan independence, indicating separation from China”.

So, if you are interested in increasing the number of negative reviews on this game, know that it has nothing to do with the game’s poor qualities or quality. Despite this effort by Chinese players, the game currently has a large share of 87% of positive reviews.

Source: Steam

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