March 3, 2021

Travel News Latest: Isolated Hotels Get Ready to Open in 48 Hours

D.SSA (Transport Salary Workers Union) General Secretary Manuel Cortes called the government’s outspoken decision to end the work of the Global Travel Task Force “beyond a joke”.

The task force was set up in October last year to work with the travel industry in the field of testing to reduce the self-isolation of visitors to the country, increase consumer confidence and reduce barriers to the safe and sustainable recovery of international travel trade.

However, TTG (Travel Business Gazette), The task force said ‘no longer active’.

Commenting, Manuel Cortes said: “I would like to laugh at this terrible decision of the government regarding the future of the Global Travel Task Force, but obviously they are beyond humor.

“It seems that the ministers chose to take this step because our travel industry is on its knees due to the impact of the virus, without consulting our industry, trade or trade unions, when we are in these epidemics. Our travel industry has been thrown back to wolves.

“Now, when we need full clarity on the isolation and testing plans, the government has dragged the body that should have the road map. It is just a clear process – we need to have answers as to why this action was taken.”

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