December 2, 2021

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Top 10 Tips from Successful Slovak Entrepreneurs: What to avoid when starting a business without which it will not work?

Marketer, Chef, Fashion Designer or Adventurer. These are also four successful Slovak entrepreneurs who shared with us 10 very useful tips for anyone considering starting their own business.

No business can do without elementary problems. Whether it is a lack of financial resources, an ill-equipped market, ignorance of a product or service, or a lack of people. If you are going to start your own business, make it easier, at least in part Thanks to a stable internet connectionIt is necessary today. UPC progress is not only stable and fast Internet for business, but also useful. You too can be Internet or TV for only 4 and a half months. Why not save when you can?

But before you start recalculating the costs, learn from those who have succeeded. we saw Successful Slovak Entrepreneurs, who not only shared valuable tips with us at first, but also admitted the mistakes of beginners.

Andrea Enna – Chef and owner of fine Italian restaurants

Source: UPC
“Work is my love and my passion. Barriers to doing business are easy to overcome if you do what you believe in.”

Waiter Andrea met a girl from Ružomberok in Lago di Garda, Italy. As usual, they started dating. It didn’t take long for Andrea to visit Slovakia and for the first time found himself in Ružomberok.There was not much offer and competition from restaurants in town. It seemed like a challenge to try something hereThe successful chef explains his beginnings today. Although it began as a classic ‘love story’, it ended with the ‘success story’ of one cute Italian.’The whole thing turned out that I stayed in Slovakia and the Slovak friend at that time returned to ItalyRemember, Andrea.

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Although he initially struggled with the language barrier, today the chef in Slovakia does quite well in business. His latest big success is too A great concept for an Italian restaurant in a Bratislava mountain park environment. While it is true that the foundation of any good restaurant is great food, entrepreneurs should not forget about the quality and stability of the internet connection or Internet TV. Horizon TV from UPC can be a great choice for any operation. Horizon TV can be watched on up to 3 devices simultaneously, so it can easily cover several large screens in one restaurant.

What is the secret of his success? “I think behind me is my love and passion for gastronomy. I do what really fills me and who I amSays the chef, who sees that if you want to be successful in business, You simply have to choose a field of work that you understand and love: „Entrepreneurship is sometimes very difficult and obstacles are easy to overcome when you do what you believe inThe Italian Beloved concludes.

Jana Malaga – Founder of Content Agency

Jana MalagaSource: UPC
“If you can’t explain your new business idea in three sentences, that’s not a good idea.”

Jan Malaga’s experience working in a PR agency led to the idea of ​​setting up her own content agency called Content Agency. Exactly after 5 years in the field of PR, I moved to a completely different field – business. “I started a content agency and do what I enjoy – influencer marketing and content marketing,” he explains. However, as always when starting a new business, there is little money and a lot of tasks to be done. Jana also had to become an expert in HR, Accounting, Basics of Law, Real Estate Agent or even a Web Developer in just a few days.. And that was not all…

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“Exactly the moment my LLC was founded, I knew I was expecting a baby.It wasn’t a problem, it was a desire, but it was a problem at that moment. I knew I only had seven months to start the company,” The owner of the content agency, which she owns today, remembers her beginnings Most direct contacts in SlovakiaInfluencers and collaborations with the biggest brands.

What would an experienced marketer advise others who are considering starting their own business? “I think that For every successful company, it is essential to have the financial resources and invest in an accounting firm and a lawyer. but also stable internet connection, without which you will not be able to do without today, ” He explains adding it That the secret of her success may also be her creativity and approach to work: „My surroundings appreciate the ideas and visions I have. I’ve learned to be a manager in the truest sense of the word, by delegating everything I can. Well, I’m not just a manager, but I’m also trying to take over as CEO so I don’t get out of practice,” The businesswoman revealed.

Whether you are lucky with the people around you, the creative type, or you have an innovative idea if soI wasn’t here yet No business can do without financing and input costs. Therefore, it is advisable to save where possible. Even on the Internet, without which you probably would not start any business today. You will find offline in UPC Very useful presentation Internet and TV for Entrepreneursthat you can have for everyone 4 months and a half only. Alternatively, there is also a 4-month Internet + Television package for half with an additional discount of €5 per month. Start your business with wisdom and a stable connection from a reliable supplier. You will read more on the UPC website.

Top 10 Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs with Business Experience

We have also asked successful Slovak entrepreneurs for basic advice, which will be given to all those who are still considering doing business. Andrea Inna, Jan Malaga, as well as Dusan Plechta – concept author of Powerlogy – and Lucas Koninka, stylist and stylist behind successful brand TheG Clothing answered.

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1. Choose a business plan that you understand. – Andrea Ena

2. Choose the job that will be your passion, because it makes it easier for you to overcome obstacles. – Andrea Ena

3. Follow your dream and do not listen to the environment that wants to discourage you. – Lucas Koninka

4. Do it ASAP so you don’t regret the wasted years later. – Lucas Koninka

5. Any agreement reached must be in writing. – Jana Malaga

6. Consider some dates and their settings and you’d rather give yourself more time. – Jana Malaga

7. If you can’t explain your new business idea in three sentences, that’s not a good idea. – Jana Malaga

8. Think deeply about your work vision, what you want and what really motivates you. – Dusan Plista

9. Answer the question: Will work be your way of life or is it just an illusion and you don’t really feel good about that path? – Dusan Plista

10. Get to know each other as much as possible and make informed decisions that are in tune with your soul and heart. – Dusan Plista

Source: UPC