December 9, 2021

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Today, we can’t say what the hospital will look like

HOMINI, NOVEMBER 2 (TASR) – At the moment, according to Health Minister Vladimir Lingvarsky (OĽANO candidate), it is not possible to determine what individual hospitals will look like. He wants to continue discussing their reform and its shape. The reforms and recovery plan were also discussed with the mayors and mayors of Homini in Prime Minister Eduard Heger (Ochano) and Minister of Justice Maria Kulikova.

We will continue to listen carefully, we will continue to collect and discuss facts,“No hospital will be closed,” Lengvarský said on the sidelines of the hospital reform. He reiterated that the geographical availability of quality healthcare is one of the critical factors in deciding the fate of individual facilities.

According to Kollek, reform in the judiciary “a key“To eliminate corruption from the courts.”Without judicial reform, we cannot guarantee that everyone gets a quality and professional decision quickly and without corruption,She said small groups create space for local relationships. The reform also aims to provide better physical conditions and computer equipment for the courts.

Lengvarský and Kolíková reported that the two ministries were discussing what the reforms might look like with coalition partner We Are the Family, which they are currently opposing. “I also felt there was some understanding and understanding of health reform,Lengvarský said.

It is clear to all of us that Slovakia is not in a good shape. That’s why we need to reshape it,Heger justified the need for reforms, and warned that if they are not implemented, the situation in these sectors will worsen, and he sees no reason to spread fears about the effects of these reforms.

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In eastern Slovakia, according to the Director General of the Recovery Plan Division of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic, Livia Vsakova, funds under the recovery plan should be directed mainly to bicycle paths, railways, schools and kindergartens. Most calls should be announced in 2022, which is the largest number of public purchases the government expects in 2023.