January 24, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Today in Bratislava, Mondieu has opened a novelty that you won’t find anywhere else. The unique one grew up in a legendary cafe destroyed by fire

The Mondieu brand opened a new concept called Mondieu Laboratoire in the main square in Bratislava on Wednesday. The so-called Mondeo Lab is a unique laboratory concept, which will include play, performances and gastronomic experiences.

Among other things, you will be able to see live coffee roasting, baking sourdough bread, sourdough croissant or making chocolate. You will be able to look at Mondieu specialists not only directly under your hands, but also in their “pots”.

Source: Mondeo

The founders of the project want to play with customers’ senses, not only taste, but also visual, tactile, olfactory and auditory. “Mondieu Lab is a process we want to try. That’s what the lab is all about. In addition to our classics – our own roasted coffees, selected chocolates and exquisite cheesecakes, we offer experimental new beverages, smoothies, lemonade, wine and innovative desserts,” Explanation of Startitup Michaela Králiková from Mondieu’s Marketing Department.

You’ll be able to order green coffee lemonade, yuzu matcha juice, or oatmeal with corn and Himalayan salt. Prosecco without sugar grams, eclairs with mango puree and green tea.

“Our vision is to test and offer new experiences to our customers in the distinctive environment of the former Café Roland, which now combines elements of Art Nouveau and industrial style.”

After the fire, the owner underwent a major renovation, so the Mondieu team got a furnished space ready, which they furnished with furniture and stock of the facilities they closed during Corona. “After taking over the space, we opened in a few days. So far, only with Bar and Show, will we gradually open other divisions – Bakery, Roasting, Chocolate Production and Kitchen.”

The wonderful laboratory work to choose from will soon begin on the main square in Bratislava. 😉😋➡️ Brand New Mondieu LABORATOIRE

Posted by divine Friday 20 August 2021

The historic space is currently in its original condition – according to the original project from 1911. The building is owned by the Kooperativa Corporation, while the Office of Antiquities has overseen the architectural study and reconstruction. Thus Mondeo was not involved in any way in the reconstruction of the building – he is only in a lease relationship in this area.

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Králiková further states that the prices here will certainly be commensurate with the quality of services, products and locations. Their signature products – coffee, chocolate, cake remain unchanged, new prices have been made for other products.

“Coffee, depending on the type of preparation you choose, is between 2-3 euros, desserts and cakes between 3-5 euros.”

Source: Mondeo

So far, Laboratoire is a unique concept that will leave the café network exclusively in a unique space on the main square. Mondieu has also recently opened in Starý Smokovec and a new factory is also scheduled to open in Nivy. Other cafes have also been announced in Dubai, where Mondo Café already exists.

“Out of respect for the local religiosity of Islam, we have chosen to name the Dubai Institutions Mondo (Dear, My Sweet) instead of Mondeo (Common Interjections – My God).”

And what has been one of the biggest challenges during the pandemic of launching new gastronomic establishments? According to the company, it is mainly looking for professional employees. It is baristas, chefs, waiters or food and beverage managers.

You don’t have to tell us you need it, Wednesday is coming…Big day with Big D, we open Mondieu – flat on the main square instead of delicious metal. Great coffee, Roland is already waving from the fountain: “Now I’ll have a cappuccino salad and a great wine.” We are still adjusting the plates and it will have many interesting surprises for the foreseeable future. We are very much looking forward to you

Posted by divine Tuesday 24 August 2021

“We want employees to work from the heart and care about the process and customers as their own. We have collaborated with many big names and that is why we believe we will be able to offer a higher level of products as well as services,” Králiková adds.

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