January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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To speed up the vaccination campaign, HAS provides a test to determine who needs a single dose.

At the time of the opening of the vaccine against Govt-19 to all French people over 12 years of age, Therefore, the question arises as to the suitability of a two-dose vaccination schedule for a population with asymptomatic forms of the disease.

In fact, those who have already suffered from Govt-19 in the past need a dose of the vaccine to be considered fully protected, regardless of the age of infection. The High Authority for Health (HAS) reaffirmed this position in a statement released on Thursday, June 3rd.

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But what if you shrink the asymptomatic form of the disease and you do not know if you already have Covit-19? Until then, as planned in the classic vaccination schedule, these individuals received two doses. HAS now makes rapid serological tests possible, but not mandatory – TRODs “Rapid diagnostic orientation tests” – At the time of injection of the first vaccine allows you to know if you have already encountered the virus. To perform this test, collect a drop of blood and apply it to the cassette. Fifteen minutes later, the test will tell you if you have developed any antibodies. “This allows you to give or allow a second appointment for a second dose”, HAS President RMC Dominic Le Glutech explained on Monday.

This recommendation may come as a surprise if we keep in mind that it is an independent authority February 11 is considered in its consideration What “An Advance Serology My ‘[était] Not applicable, therefore not recommended ”. Doubts persisted about the immunity provided by the disease several months after infection. But since then, three Italian studies have shown it “Already patients with Covid-19 have been found to have higher levels of antibodies after a single dose than those previously unaffected and to benefit from a two-dose vaccination schedule.”, Can you read the new concept?

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Simplification for the younger

More specifically, the expected benefit of this recommendation is twofold: “As an individual, only one vaccine is given to people who are not immunocompromised; collectively, millions of additional people can be vaccinated quickly to better protect people and thus with the dosages released.”. The aim is to make rapid progress in vaccination coverage of the French population “Protect against potential outbreaks”. In addition, the recommendation, which comes ahead of the summer holidays, aims to make it easier for young people to be vaccinated, as the virus spread more in the summer of 2020, producing a second wave of fall.

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