November 28, 2021

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Tips and tricks on how to practically and comfortably furnish a small apartment

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The interior of a small apartment can give you maximum comfort and a “cool” effect. All you have to do is learn a few tricks when furnishing it and choose the right furniture or accessories.


Divide the room into individual functional areas, which contain a separate room in a larger interior. Of course, some of them will have more alternative functions. For example, if you choose a daybed, the living room and bedroom will rotate in the same place throughout the day.

Similarly, the dining room and the study are used to share the space. In their case, it is better to find your own place for both. Use a fixed or sliding dividing wall to symbolically separate the two areas. It can be a curtain or an open shelf built into the space.

The interior of the study and living room is separated by a screen

Source: IKEA

foldable dining table

A smaller table, which does not take up much space for everyday use, can be placed above the dining room for up to six people in case of a family celebration or a larger visit by friends. When choosing a folding table, try the ease of handling, there are significant differences between them.

Transparent Furniture

To visually lighten a small space, use fixtures made of transparent material – glass or high-quality plastic. The most popular are the glass coffee tables or even the design of chairs.

Living room with transparent coffee table

Source: Westwing

Stackable Furniture

In order for a small apartment to provide more possibilities for using space, it often requires manipulation of furniture. For example, if you need more chairs in an extended dining room that you don’t have room to use in your average home, choose stackable models—they won’t take up precious space when stored.

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He also has a chair for more

Why not use the space of a comfy chair for another multifunctional piece? However, think ahead and scale the handling area so that you have enough room to spread it out.

Folding chair design for men

Ramone 90 folding armchair design, Dessin 595 men cover, after opening it turns into a full bed with high quality mattress, size 90 x 200 cm, € 1,073, holds Source: Nycia

side table

This is a common multifunctional piece that should not be missing in any small apartment. Its space can be used to store small things, such as a remote control, but it will also serve as a temporary workbench.

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Furnish a small apartment: a secret room behind the mirror

Furnish a small apartment: a secret room behind the mirror


A literally invisible, almost invisible substance that can work miracles in space. When used correctly, it evokes an airy feeling even in a small space, adding to it emotionally. The large frameless mirror that blends in with the space brings more impact.

Kitchen with mirrored wall

Source: Lights4fun

proper lighting

Healthy, diffused light will increase the quality of living in every interior area, and this is doubly true in smaller apartments. The importance of this spatial component is often underestimated. Although you equip the apartment with design equipment, the installation of a poor-quality ceiling lamp reduces the overall impression of the interior.

Cantilever installation for cabinets

It may not seem like it, but the visual comfort from the floor actually makes you feel like you have more space, so consider choosing the right furniture. The solution for small spaces is cantilever cabinets or legs subtly higher on the bench. Mirror lined bases can also be considered as an alternative with the same effect.

Open plan living room, dining room, kitchen with hanging cabinets, dining table, sofa and kitchen with wooden decor

Source: Archstyl / Marián Svítek

Sofa and bed in one

It is worth combining the two largest pieces of furniture in a small apartment into one, thereby saving more space. Today you will find folding sofas with a high-quality mattress, suitable for everyday sleep. It is ideal if the sofa also has storage space.

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