December 9, 2021

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Tile CEO says Apple's AirTags helped drive its revenue, but still calls Rival's Trackers 'unfair competition'

Tile CEO says Apple’s AirTags helped drive its revenue, but still calls Rival’s Trackers ‘unfair competition’

Tile did not welcome the launch of Apple AirTags, whose CEO has now faced competition from a party with tight control over its software and hardware to provide the best user experience possible. In short, CJ Prober, the man who runs the Tile, felt the heat and likely thought the company’s business would be seriously hurt, but just the opposite happened. The CEO claims revenue increased due to the introduction of AirTags, but he still believes Apple trackers are restricting the competition.

Tile CEO says sales are up 200 percent compared to the same period last year

According to Wired, Tile lived one of his best years, according to Prober, who says the following.

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“We have sold over 40 million tiles. Sales increased in the first half of the year. Targeting third-party products is increasing over 200 percent year over year. Business is good.”

Although Prober has seen a boom in business, he believes Apple’s AirTags continues to bring unfair competition. He said earlier that the US Congress should intervene and allow for fairer competition.

“We’re seeing a really strong pace of business – despite the unfair competition from Apple. Then they kicked us out of their stores pretty quickly. They implemented a number of changes to their platform that became outdated for our environment as they launched the new Find My environment. After all, despite That Apple prefers itself, doing business is good — but, of course, it’s better if we compete fairly.”

Tile’s CEO is also optimistic about the assumption that if companies continue to restrict competition, regulators will take their feedback and make necessary corrections.

“We just learned about it at the time. Take a look at the legislation that has been adopted in Korea. Some of the activities that are taking place in the European Union.”

Earlier, the European Union proposed new legislation that would force Apple to convert all of its Lightning-based products to use USB-C ports, reducing annual costs for consumers and reducing electronic waste. It is clear that Apple does not seem to end with AirTags alone and its goal is to disrupt the progress of other companies with future launches of products, one of which is the highly speculative and highly anticipated AR headset.

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Do you still think Tile CEO is right that Apple’s AirTags are giving unfair competition? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments.

news source: wired