January 18, 2021

‘Tier 5’: UK faces new Govt restrictions, says source | World News

Corona virus controls similar to the “Tier 5” lock may be introduced in the UK, a government source has suggested, as experts warn that current barriers may not be enough to reduce the epidemic.

Tier 4 restrictions came into force on December 20 in London and parts of the southeast and east of England, and have since been extended to a part of the country from Cambridgeshire to Sussex and parts of Hampshire.

Under these restrictions, people are told to stay indoors and support bubbles are prohibited outside the home mix, although one person can meet another person outside.

With the incubation period for the virus Lasts up to 14 days, Experts say the impact of such measures in some areas could be seen in the coming days – the film could be confused by delays in testing and reporting results due to the Christmas break.

However, the analysis of the new, highly contagious corona virus variant by experts at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, published this month, shows that by the end of January, the R value will not fall below 1, even though it was placed under Tier 4 restrictions on Boxing Day across the UK.

Now, it seems that there may be plans to introduce drastic measures to try to control the virus.

According to the Mirror, A Whitehall source said, adding that one Tier 4 rule does not appear to be in effect, and that the government may “introduce another Tier 5 as to Tier 4”.

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Although no details have been released on what such a layer would look like, or what it would be called a “layer 5”, one possibility is that austerity measures will include closing schools for the majority of students and moving education online.

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“I do not see any other way to bring the virus under control,” said Professor Susan Michie, a member of the government’s Govt-19 Behavioral Science Committee, which feeds the sage, as well as an independent panel of experts – although she did not ask for direct evidence that such action should be taken.

The move to close schools has been backed by Dr Nick Davis, a member of the Scientific Epidemiology Committee on Modeling, which also feeds the sage and is the author of a recent analysis.

“If our parameter estimates are correct தெரிகிறது it looks like [tier 4] Alone alone is not enough, so something else will have to be done on top of that. We saw school closures because this is the next obvious thing to do over those restrictions, ”he said.

Schools were closed to the majority of students during the first lockdown in the spring, with other restrictions on going out to the gym only once a day, leaving home only for essentials, and close all essential shops and places of worship.