January 21, 2022

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Thomas created a new bed under the stars: the unique accommodation will change the shape of the ceiling and wall according to your ideas

Thomas created a new bed under the stars: the unique accommodation will change the shape of the ceiling and wall according to your ideas

Experience accommodation that offers the perfect connection to nature, where you can watch the sunrise or the night sky right from the bed. That’s exactly what the new Kutica is all about, which, thanks to an electrically powered roof and entrance wall, you can sit comfortably in bed all day, or take in the views of the starry night sky during the long nights. In both cases, you will feel in harmony with nature and at the same time you will enjoy absolute comfort.

Kotica, which was opened to the public last year, brought to Nova Bana a unique residence in the middle of nature, outside of civilization, but with comfort, a sense of luxury and something extraordinary. It’s been an extraordinary hit among its visitors, so it’s no surprise that it’s still booked for weeks to come.

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Architect Tomas Hoernik He had planned to create another Kutice from the beginning. This has become a reality and Kotica 2 In the world. More special and obvious at first sight that it can bring you extraordinary experiences.

Photo: Kotica

A unique product that you will not find anywhere else in Slovakia

Above all, Nová Kutica wants to bring peace and tranquility back into the lives of its visitors. This is not only the site on which it is located, but also its design. It is located in the bosom of the Novobanská basin and is surrounded by the Štiavnica hills. It is primarily intended for couples who are waiting for exceptional romantic moments. It is simply a place like no other in Slovakia.

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As Tomas explained, two years ago he had an idea for Kutica, whose main idea would be a bed under the stars. “During the success of the first Kutica, this idea attracted me more and more. Since I wanted to invent my work, the bed itself seemed small to me, and in order to offer a memorable stay for couples, I took the time to think, ” explain to us.

Photo: Kotica

It combines the advantages of camping and hotel

Kutica 2 is a well-thought-out concept that promises to deliver a great experience. Therefore, Tomasz approached its meticulous implementation. “One evening, when I already had a plot of land, I took my girlfriend there with me and told her about the different accommodation options I could imagine here. She mentioned The Bed Under the Stars and I really liked the idea. During the interview, she gave me some good notes and ideas, which drove me even further. She emphasized that I should start the whole project,” Tomas continues.

As he says, there is something waiting for guests at Kutica that they won’t experience anywhere else. “It is the only place in Slovakia that offers all the benefits of camping – fresh air, connection with nature and privacy, plus all the advantages of a hotel – running water, comfortable bed, electricity, toilet, barbecue,” It attracts all fans of unusual experiences to visit Kutice 2.

He took care that the Kutica 2 was comfortable for guests and at the same time environmentally friendly. “I was especially looking for a way to combine rest with staying outside as much as possible. People come to us mainly to bring in energy, which can often be provided by staying in nature. I connected it with everything people need for their full stay,” explains.

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Photo: Kotica

Electrically powered roof provides a new dimension to sky tracking

The biggest feature and attraction is the unmistakable view of the bright night sky, which will be right above your head. “The electrically powered roof allows everyone to choose the look of the space. Some may observe the stars at night, others may observe the sky during the day. Some people like the closed roof and the open front wall. I consider the versatility of the space as an added value to the entire project,” Speaking of accommodation Tomáš.

Thomas himself was behind the original idea, project and design, and a company specializing in wooden buildings helped him with the implementation. As he revealed, the collaboration saved him a lot of time, which he could then spend on landscaping and individual details. “Likewise, the immediate surroundings helped me when we made sidewalks, fences, planting trees, etc.”, Complete.

Photo: Kotica

This is what a real test residence looks like

About six months passed from the interview about the plot mentioned by Tomasz until the entire space was completed, and today Kutica 2 welcomes its guests. He could be interested in many things. Above all, it offers a completely new accommodation experience that we will not find in our area.

“I want the people here to be pleasant to feel the presence of nature, the scent of the trees, so that they can sleep to the sound of the wind and wake up to the rays of the rising sun. To enjoy the privacy that this Kutica provides and to attract new energy to our daily lives,” Tomash adds at the end.

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Set in an attractive environment, you can also choose to explore the surrounding areas, such as Calvary and the Háj Tourist Tower, or go on the adventures that nature offers in this area.

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