January 27, 2022

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This year, more companies were established in Slovakia than last year

This year, more companies were established in Slovakia than last year

During the first nine months of this year, approximately 15,000 new capital firms were established in Slovakia. The difference is only minimal from year to year. At the same time, most of them grew up in the Bratislava region.

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Interest in business continues

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is There is still great interest in new business in Slovakia. The first three quarters, it was established in our country 14,705 capital companies, which represents approximately 5% of all companies of this type in Slovakia. It was on the verge of 14,548 limited liability companies and 157 joint stock companies.

“The pace of its incorporation was copied last year, 14,676 entities were created in the same period under review, i.e. Only 29 less this year. Most of them were established in 2021 in Bratislava region (4403), nitra (1760) A جيلilina region (1,564), at least In Trenchen and surrounding areas (1056), “Dun & Bradstreet analyst Petra Štěpánová explains the situation.

Management and Consulting

According to her, most entrepreneurs have created new entities In the areas of support activities for business (1,211), in administrative activities (1154) A Business and management consulting (998). These areas have always been among the top 5 popular activities in which new entities are created.

We record the most important commercial activity in the spring months March – April – May, when on average up to 1,700 new companies are created each month, The pace of business start-ups slowed downSelect the analyst.

Growth is faster in the Czech Republic

The situation in Slovakia Different from the situation in the Czech marketThe pace of new company formation was faster on an annual basis. Dovedna . was created Up to 22,250 new companies.

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In both markets We see different positions. in the Czech Republic on an annual basis 11% more companies were created, in Slovakia we also recorded growth, but it is very little. On the positive side, however, despite the uncertain market condition There was no turning backP. Štěpánová added.