January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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This woman refused to live from paycheck to paycheck.  I became a gold miner and got better financially

This woman refused to live from paycheck to paycheck. I became a gold miner and got better financially

She replaced fashion and high heels with work clothes and physical toil. Melanie Wood, 47, worked for many years in Perth, Western Australia as an assistant in a large company. Suddenly a strong impulse came Change your life from the ground up. “I felt powerless, craving adventure and doing something outside my comfort zone,” Melanie says about Daily Mail Australia. This is what happened. The air-conditioned office replaced the air-conditioner with ten-hour changes in temperatures up to 49 degrees Celsius.

Melanie started working as a gold digger. I moved to the remote town of Leonora and tried To learn as much as possible about revenge and the work she had no idea about. “Everyone thought I was crazy about leaving my comfortable life and work and moving into the middle of nowhere,” Mentionsed. Even her new colleagues couldn’t believe that she would be staying there for more than a day. She joined a male-only team. This was the main motive behind her decision to succeed. A week after she arrived, the dormitory and factory were closed due to the coronavirus. However, she stayed on Earth to live off her savings for years so that she could learn all about gold mining. In the first months, she slept outside under a wooden shelter I just washed with a hose.

The high temperatures and ubiquitous flies made her preoccupied at first, and she found it very difficult to get used to. However, today she can say that she has proven it to everyone He can work as hard as men. “My team works 10 hours a day and it is a physical task that requires a lot of effort. But when you see the gold at the end of the change, it is very rewarding.” Melanie explains. According to her, to get to a piece of gold that has been in the country for millions of years is an incredible feeling. In addition, she was very pleased financially. By enjoying a six-figure payout, the quality of life has improved It also hails the peace without the bustle of the big city.

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“I love freedom, animals and sunsets are amazing. Every day is different and I’m still learning.” He says. During that time, in addition to searching for gold, I also learned to drive a loader, excavator, and processing plant. Melanie now has her own small mine, where she also welders and performs all artwork exclusively for men. “I plan to hire more women here because I am expanding my business. My goal is to buy more and more rentals,” explains. Contracts are concluded for specific regions, which then get the exclusive right to extract. She believes that she will be able to get more women into the area, and all stereotypes of men, and miners, will become a thing of the past.