January 27, 2022

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This is what the Samsung Galaxy S22 will look like.  Samsung draws graphics performance to new Exynos chip

This is what the Samsung Galaxy S22 will look like. Samsung draws graphics performance to new Exynos chip

Materials in the form of new flagships have been leaked to the Internet. Samsung has also published a video indicating the gaming capabilities of the phones.

  • The biggest of the three new phones should largely use the stylus.
  • The Ultra model will likely replace the Galaxy Note line, which likely won’t get the next generation.
  • The big factor that new Samsung mobile phones have is their performance so they should be able to run demanding games.

an introduction Top new phones Samsung Galaxy S22 They are expected to start their sales in February. Thanks to Dutch server LetsGoDigital, which published The image is allegedly coming from the official materials of the manufacturer, however, it is possible that we already know what the real look of at least two models of the three upcoming mobile phones expected.

They don’t look like

Render will almost certainly shoot the biggest and best-equipped Galaxy S22 in a dark reddish shade, which according to speculation will offer a 6.8-inch screen. In addition to the metal body with the base of the rear camera lens, the stylus unexpectedly appears in the photo.

Photo Gallery

This is what two Galaxy S22 phones should definitely look like.

Zdroj: Mobile Fun, GSMArena.com

So it’s possible that the Ultra model could be a replacement for the Galaxy Note line associated with the S Pen. The stylus will likely also be part of the basic equipment of the new Galaxy S22 Ultra. In the photos of the so-called non-functional “dummy” phones, you can also see the hole for securely inserting the stylus into the smartphone body. The material was published by the British retailer of Mobile Fun accessories, warned Web GSMArena.

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It should be the second phone in the white version of the smaller phones. It’s either a 6.55-inch Galaxy S22+ or a featureless base model with a claimed 6.06-inch diagonal. At the same time, it can be seen that the appearance of the smaller model is significantly different from the more equipped one.

Photo Gallery

In the photo, you can see the stylus that is inserted into the body of the phone.

Zdroj: Mobile Fun, GSMArena.com

It will greatly increase performance

Remember that in addition to a change in design, improved displays and photographic equipment, the news is expected to show an appropriate intergenerational increase in performance. Based on the unofficial reports published so far, Samsung was forced to access a mix of two different chipsets again due to production issues.

The company will provide versions equipped with the processor that has already been launched in certain markets Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. In specific regions, on the other hand, priority will be given to Samsung’s production segments. The main attraction of the new Exynos It shouldn’t just be the ARMv9 processor architecture, which, by the way, is also based on the novelty of Qualcomm or Dimensions 9000 od MediaTeku.

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big draw It will be graphics with RDNA 2 architecture from AMDWhich can also be found on current PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In addition to high performance, Samsung also wants to bring support for modern technologies such as ray tracing and variable rate shading to its mobile world.

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What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing technology simulates the physical laws of light propagation when viewing a scene. We can say that this is a principle similar to what the human eye does. If the technology is used in the right way, the result is a more realistic visual. The current obstacle to deploying ray tracing in games is mainly the high hardware requirements. However, ray tracing has been used in the film industry for many years.

What is the variable shading rate?

VRM technology allows the graphics card to display specific areas of an image with lower visual quality in a single frame. This means that a certain number of pixels in areas practically invisible to the player will require much less hardware resources than when viewed at maximum quality. As a result, it allows you to increase graphics performance in games without obvious loss of visual quality.

Will it replace the consoles?

Samsung now wants to capture the graphic capabilities of its new phones in its new animated video. It shows a young player spending time at the console in the current difficult epidemic. However, in the end, it will be replaced by a smartphone, which means that the company wants to present the mobile as a complete gaming platform. However, it is not yet clear what Samsung is thinking.

At the same time, it is true that gaming on mobile devices is on the rise, as evidenced by the growing number of projects that want to bring experience A complete handheld game console.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be launched in February, some information about its new flagship phones can be revealed at the CES 2022 trade fair for the month of January.

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