October 22, 2021

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This is what the first iPhone with a USB-C port looks like!

Although most smartphone manufacturers have prioritized the use of the USB-C port for many years, An apple Somehow he does not know or rather does not want to adapt to this trend. Even in his last series, iPhone 13by Lightning. why? The company has several reasons for this but it looks like they will get rid of the charging port entirely instead of replacing it with another one.

In this regard, users are divided into two main camps. One is hampered by Lightning and the other is not hampered. Ken Bellonel, who decided to build the first ever iPhone with a USB-C port, appears to be one of the second groups mentioned. The server reports the news the edge.

And he did it right. Billonel has succeeded in making a working USB-C port in his iPhone X. And he had to spend several months in his spare time, he writes. Apple Insider.

The prototype of the first iPhone with a USB-C port was created in May. However, at the time, charging was powered by an external component that was too large to fit in the chassis. This was followed by a months-long process filled with maximum effort to reduce this component so that the charging process could proceed “normally”.

Pillonel modified Apple’s C94 connector and created its own flexible PCB design that can fit into the iPhone body. Show his creativity in the video at the bottom of this paragraph. We can note that the device can not only charge, but also transmit data through its cable. He even makes another video in which he describes in detail the whole process of modifying the cable.

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Apple, without notes

European Commission a few weeks ago announce Their plans to offer a single charging standard for all manufacturers. The authority made special reference to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Apple disputed words that this decision would slow innovation.

So, if Apple was finally forced to switch to USB-C, it would look like video.