January 21, 2022

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They will also help you choose coffee in the middle of the night at the famous Modran Roastery

They will also help you choose coffee in the middle of the night at the famous Modran Roastery

With coffee from the Slovakian roastery EBENICA COFFEE, which belongs to the top in Europe, you will please the ordinary coffee maker and gourmet gourmets. A simple online test or a virtual barista will help you choose the best.

Coffee is a very versatile and popular giftclaims the owner of EBENICA coffee roaster, Marek Vajek. According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee on more than 4,000 participants from 10 European countries, up to 67% of Europeans cannot imagine their life without coffee. This is one of the reasons for this Modranská grill cafe They are preparing for Christmas since the summer. This year they focused on a new gift package design and several ways to help customers choose coffee.

Online shopping for coffee is becoming more and more popular

The pandemic has affected and changed our business as well. It forced us to work more efficiently and plan better, but it also brought us closer to our end customers,” Marek Vagic begins his story. Whereas in the past they made up the majority of the company’s customers, today they themselves are mostly coffee makers. People are becoming more open Buy coffee onlineThis also opens the door to local roasters for families where supermarket coffee has been imported from abroad until now. “The coffee culture in Slovakia has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and more and more customers no longer look at coffee only as a source of caffeine, but as a tasty and high-quality drink that can offer them pleasurable tasting experiences. In addition, an increasing number of customers are beginning to take an interest in the origin of the products they buy. By purchasing our coffee, they are supporting local businesses as well as fair trade with farmers,” Marek explains.

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Although coffee trees are not grown in our conditions and green coffee beans are imported from abroad, The complex evolution of the final product’s taste takes place in Slovakia. “true The magic of quality coffee production It lies mainly in the composition of the grain, the method and degree of roasting. We in the roasting plant influence the whole process – based on our experience, but also on the preferences of coffee lovers and consumers,” Marek says about the coffee production, which makes Slovak products a great name abroad as well.

A virtual barista or an online test will help you choose your coffee

“The quality of the coffee we roast here in Mudra cannot be compared to the quality you buy in a regular shop. For us, alpha and omega aroma and taste,Marek Vajek, who adds in one breath, explains that this is the main difficulty of selling coffee online. “The taste cannot be 100% conveyed by any description, it is very individual, and what some people taste may not be their cup of coffee. But with the right questions, we can tell what kind of coffee a person might like.”

In order to make it easier for customers to find their coffee menu, this year they added an online store chat with a virtual barista Nica, who can advise on selection and also answer most questions about the roaster. Since it is not a live person, but a well-groomed conversation boat, customers will calmly answer their questions in the middle of the night.

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For those buying coffee for loved ones at Christmas, EBENICA COFFEE has created a playful novelty – A tester chooses the perfect coffee gift in a few seconds. Simply answer 5 simple questions about the person you want to serve and you’ll discover which of the 18 coffees recommended by a professional barista.

If you can, choose fresh roasted coffee straight from the roaster

Before Christmas, in addition to the speed of delivery, the most common question of customers is whether the coffee will still be good at Christmas. Coffee retains its maximum taste and aroma for about 3 months after roasting and then begins to weather due to the influence of air, thus losing its aroma and taste. Since EBENICA COFFEE roasts coffee daily – during this period, 500 kg of coffee passes into the hands of the roaster every day – you certainly do not have to worry about this problem. After the coffee is roasted and packaged, it is sent by courier immediately, so most of the parcels are with the customer in a few days. “He is in this jThere is a big difference between gourmet coffee from the roaster and coffee from the supermarket, and many are old and not ideal for consumption.‘ adds Marek.

Although you may not even notice the difference between two-week-old and two-year-old coffee in a shallow-tasting, uninteresting supermarket coffee, it is different in the case of selected coffees. “People buy selected types of coffee precisely because of their exceptional taste characteristics. And it would be a great pity to leave this coffee in the cupboard for two years. It will be hard for you to enjoy the taste after that,” Marek explains and adds with a smile that in practice, they are more likely to encounter a “complaint” that the coffee is flowing so fast that it can’t even be affected by the weather. “employment It’s easy to get used to the good, and customers often tell us that after tasting our coffee, they don’t want another coffee. We are very grateful for such words, as they will hold us back even in difficult times, so that we can continue our work with enthusiasm and determination. ”

Orders placed by December 16th will be delivered by Christmas!

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If you also want to please yourself or your loved ones with fresh and delicious roasted coffee, visit the page www.ebenica.sk. In addition to the standard packages of 220g, 500g or 1kg coffee beans, you will also find elegant gift packages or coffee sets for tasting. In their online store offer, you will also find various coffee accessories, so that you can attach a cup of cappuccino or one of the home coffee machines to the coffee maker. For all orders arriving by 16.12.2019 until midnight, we guarantee delivery by Christmas. So hurry up!