January 28, 2022

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They turned boredom into action during lockdown!  Guys found a gap in the market, they made big profits

They turned boredom into action during lockdown! Guys found a gap in the market, they made big profits

During quarantine, they didn’t know what to do with kindness, so they decided to do something about it. They have started a business and at such a young age they definitely have no need for customers.

According to WalesOnline, the only 19-year-olds Ben Leith and Jimmy Moral and twins Penny and Jack Parker have always dreamed of starting their own business. One day during the lockdown, they got a unique idea that helped them shake off the boredom for the rest of the pandemic. With their savings they bought a horse box for 2,000 pounds (about 2,300 euros), which they turned into a mobile pizzeria.

Since they only got the old chest for that price, they had to put it back together and add everything they needed. So they painted it all over and outfitted it with running water, electricity, lights, or two small portable pizza ovens. The guys were inspired by many of the trendy street food vendors when they were remodeled, and the old horse box pizzeria was supposed to be the thing to draw them. And so it happened and this one-of-a-kind restaurant was born, which they called Dirty Donkey.

“We had a hard time during lockdown because we couldn’t get out. Finding something we love and focusing on has really helped us and running our own business in our 19 years with our best friends is very nice,” Ben said. The proof that the boys are doing well is the five-figure amount they have been able to earn in the first year since the realization of this great idea. “In the future, I think it would be great to see more trailers and build our fleet and simply see how the company operates,” he added.

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Since there is a huge interest in pizza, in addition to being sold at the local cricket club, the boxing boys also travel to various festivals, carnivals and even weddings. “In the future, this business may work with other companies that I can create in the future. But for now, we want us to be able to do more – that is our main goal,” Jack said, adding that all along, they were getting support and help from friends and other family.

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