January 24, 2022

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They started from the living room, and today they have 45,000 customers a year: the owner of Lamelland revealed their success

They started from the living room, and today they have 45,000 customers a year: the owner of Lamelland revealed their success

LAMELAND is the largest Slovak company with shading technology and garage doors. Do you remember the beginnings?

I remember the beginning well. It was 1997, when I got on a train called Shading Works, and I haven’t gotten off that train yet, I’m still sitting on it as I go.

What is the most popular shading technology product among Slovaks?

The popularity of individual products is directly related to the trends in construction and financial capabilities of the Slovak customer. While from the outset, shading was intended to have horizontal or vertical blinds installed on windows, gradually elements of exterior shading technology such as awnings or, more recently, in particular Aluminum outdoor blinds. From the inner shading, I will rank it among the most popular Blinds day and night.

In Trenčín, you are one of the largest producers and local employers. At the same time, you are one of the largest Slovak companies in the production of building materials. How many employees do you have and how many clients do you serve each year?

Lamiland has a staff of about 70 people. We serve approximately 45,000 customers annually with our sales representatives.

Source: Lamelland, PR

Soon it will be 25 years since I sold my shading technology. What year was a turning point for you?

There have been many turning points in the entire history of the company. For all of them, I would like to recall 2015, when we abandoned the endless price struggle and began to systematically support our most loyal partners and build a network of Lamelande dealerships. Gradually we got to number 40.

There is great competition in the shading technology market. Thanks to what, after so many years in the market, are you still able to grow and reach new customers?

No new shading technology products have been created in recent years, it seems like everything has already been figured out. It is not set up so that a competitor from abroad will come to us and within 5 years the entire market with shading technology will be tilted to its side. The innovations consist further in the use of more modern textiles, in more reliable components, or in the addition of LED lighting.

One of the biggest hits of shading are fabric blinds. What is the most common type and color?

As I mentioned earlier, day and night fabric blinds are very popular. We offer them in four standard versions, where the customer can choose from about 120 fabric colors.

The habits of customers have changed in recent years, do they have different preferences when choosing a shade?

Price is no longer the most important argument for most customers. Customers often ask about the delivery time and focus more on the quality of the product and the work done.

One of the most effective types of shading is external blinds, which can significantly reduce energy consumption. How to be more effective than traditional interior shading?

External shading is generally more effective than internal shading. It stops the sun’s rays before they hit the glass, thus preventing the interior from overheating and maintaining a pleasant microclimate. So we can talk about the fact that outdoor shading is an excellent and above all healthy alternative to air conditioning. When using outdoor blinds, the customer can also regulate the amount of sunlight that lets into the bottom by adjusting the slope of the slats. Most of the products can be conveniently operated automatically. Today, it is common that you can control blinds, blinds, awnings, but also the garage door comfortably with a smartphone from anywhere.

Not only the quality and price, but also the overall service and delivery time are important for today’s customer. What are your delivery dates and how can you meet them?

The length of delivery time depends on the specific product. We have products in which the range of colors or fabrics is so wide that we have to spread the risk of merchandise shortage among several suppliers. However, there is a delay in the delivery of some components. But I can say that unlike other suppliers of shading technology, we also manage to meet promised delivery times of 90% in peak season.

They started from the living room, today

Source: Lamelland, PR

Lameland is not only the most popular seller of shading technology, but also garage doors. What does the gate manufacturing process require and how long does it take?

single production garage door It takes about 30 minutes. The production process does not require a lot of machinery and technological equipment. However, it requires precision and detail. If the gate is supplemented with an aisle door or for example transparent windows, the production time is of course extended.

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What are the main reasons why a customer chooses your garage door? What is the most popular type of gate?

Recently, customers have become increasingly interested in the safety and low noise of garage doors. In the long run, the most common type is sectional gates, which we can make into almost every slot.

Our company has been in the market for more than 20 years. It uses components from well-known European companies for production. The availability of production and spare parts as well as technical solutions in atypical garage spaces make us a reliable partner.

Do customers prefer gates that only fit the dimensions of the vehicle, or do they choose more spacious gates and garages themselves?

Good question. The trend in the construction of family homes is the design of garage doors with a reserve of about 500 mm on each side, of course, if the design and dimensions of the floor allow. Often times, garage spaces for two or more cars are designed for family home projects. It is different for houses in terraced houses or apartment complexes, where every centimeter is taken into account.

You are preparing some news and events that you want to inform customers about

In the future, we would very much like to pay more attention to pergolas, as I see that the Slovak market is already ready to increase the sales volume of this exclusive product at once than it has been so far.

Minor innovations, such as a new type of shield or a new actuator or sensor, are marketed continuously throughout the year through our dealers.

More information about Lamelland products can be found at www.lamelland.sk

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