January 29, 2022

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They sent a strategic plan for agricultural policy to Brussels for consultation

They sent a strategic plan for agricultural policy to Brussels for consultation

BRATISLAVA, DECEMBER 3 (TASR) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MPRV) of the Slovak Republic in connection with the preparation of the Strategic Plan (SP) for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2023-2027 has sent to the European Commission (EC) an informal consultation with the annexes. This was reported to the Communication and Marketing Department of the Ministry of Regional Development.

The Department of Agriculture expects comments from the European Commission within three weeks. The final form of the Strategic Plan is still being worked out, and after approval of the European legislation, the final version of the SP CAP will be submitted to the Government of the Slovak Republic and then to the European Commission.

According to MPRV, the main challenge for Slovak agriculture in the coming period will be to ensure healthy, high-quality food at affordable prices. A fundamental requirement for sustainable management and ensuring a diversified diet for consumers will need to reverse the decline in the production of fruits, vegetables and livestock products.

According to the agricultural sector, CAP’s strategic plan will support the growth of organic farming, precision fertilization, the reduction of risks arising from the use of pesticides, and the development of precision agriculture for vegetables, potatoes, strawberries, fruits and vineyards. The increasing demands on environmental protection and on food quality and quantity will require the application of the latest technologies and innovative methods at all levels of the food chain.

According to the MPRV, agriculture currently faces the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving biodiversity. The Slovak Republic plans to invest in irrigation and water retention facilities, as well as in planting trees. The farm-level ecological scheme will have a positive impact on the climate, improve the arable land structure, reduce erosion and increase carbon sequestration by weeding orchards and vineyards and create ecological elements in the country.

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According to the agricultural sector, the strategic plan aims to heal forests and support nature-friendly management in them. Investments in landscaping projects, facility financing and joint measures will also be supported. The objective of the SP CAP is also to ensure suitable working conditions for small and medium-sized farms and for farms operating in areas with natural and other constraints. The new CAP will support young farmers through higher direct payments and lump-sum payments, so-called start-up grants.

According to MPRV, an important aspect of the CAP Strategic Plan is to improve collaboration between farmers, food producers and foresters with experts from research institutions, universities, education and consultancy.

The document sent by MPRV SR to the European Commission for informal consultation is available with the attachments at https://bit.ly/2ZSKyig