October 23, 2021

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They said the injury was my fault and they replaced it, says Tchaikovsky’s end at Dynamo Moscow

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Michal Czajkowski set a kicking record in the K-League last season, when he scored 12 goals from a defender position, and even scored a hat-trick. After three successful seasons at Dynamo Moscow, everything indicates that even in the fourth year, a well-designed hockey player will be one of the mainstays of the defense of an ambitious team.

However, an unfortunate injury occurred when a teammate cut his thigh muscle with a skate shoe. The 27-year-old native of Bratislava met, but did not stand a good chance. The club unexpectedly traded him with Siberian Novosibirsk, whose jersey should debut on the ice at CSKA Moscow tomorrow.

From the peace of Moscow to Siberia

Were you surprised by the exchange from Dynama Moscow to Siberian Novosibirsk?

“I must admit that I did not expect it. They told me that the injury was my fault. They gave me a chance to play only two matches for five minutes in the new season, then they told me that it worked and they replaced me with the Novosibirsk match.”

Apparently shocked when a player cut your thigh muscle with a sled and called it your fault?

“Unfortunately, such is hockey life. I don’t know what to say.”

Has your position in the team changed after the departure of coach Vladimir Krikunov, who was replaced by Alexei Kudashov?

“It usually happens that a new coach has his players. I think in three years I played good games with Dynamo and I opened them up on the ice. I was disappointed with the way they treated me.”

You have been through many difficult situations in your career. Maybe that just doesn’t bother you, does it?

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“I thought I was okay with Dynama, but then again, it convinced me how things can change from day to day. But we are moving forward.”

In the fourth season in Moscow, you probably already had a well-arranged life in the city …

“Yes, after all, my wife and I have a young son, and we wanted to have everything at our disposal. We furnished a beautiful apartment. It is a pity that they did not tell me what they were thinking of the summer. During the preparation, there was no sign of my exchange. I’ve been flooded since I was injured.”

How does the leg work?

“I need to tone and strengthen it, but I still have a two-piece muscle. I stretch the problem area and engage it in the process. They worked it out really well. I walked on drums for three weeks and slowly started running to a full load. It’s not fun, but I have to fight it.” I hope this is another serious injury.”

Michal Jekowski looks forward to the goal

Source: dynamo.ru

What can you say about your new team?

“They want to help me in defense, as well as play the power. They want to go back to the qualifiers. We’ll see how it goes, after all I haven’t played live matches for half a year. I don’t count the current two numbers for Dynamo, because I skated for only a few minutes. I don’t I argue, but I need to hurry.”

Are you ready for the Siberian winter?

“For two years I lived in Yekaterinburg, where I experienced frosts to minus 40, but it is true that perhaps Siberia is of a different degree. It seems to me that it is already beginning to fall. But I am going there to play hockey in the first place.

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Novosibirsk is waiting for a duel in Moscow against CSKA. Are you already playing?

“Yes, I should get the premiere against CSKA with a new shirt.”

You have a contract with Dynam valid until the end of the season. What does your contract look like in the new team?

“They took my contract from Dynam and we agreed on another year, a two-year contract.”

Do you take your family to town?

“Not at all now. They travel home to Bratislava. First I must arrange myself there, then my son and my wife come to see me.”

Injuries excluded you from the last world championships, as well as from Olympic qualification. You probably don’t want to miss the Beijing candidacy anymore.

“I would like to play in the Winter Olympics. I have always loved to act, nothing changes that.”