January 22, 2022

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They released the expected study on omikron.  This is how 2 doses of Pfizer will protect you

They released the expected study on omikron. This is how 2 doses of Pfizer will protect you

Two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from companies Pfizer / Biotech It provides about 70 percent of the protection from hospitalization. According to a South African study reported by Reuters. According to her, the research likely shows how this vaccine protects against the new variant Corona Viruswhich began to spread in South Africa in recent weeks.

The study found that two doses of the vaccine provided 70% protection against hospitalization and 33% protection against infection.

The study authors said the results so far represented a decrease compared to the 80 percent protection against infection and 90 percent the protection against hospitalization measured by scientists in South Africa during the delta-variable infection wave. This type is considered the most common and most contagious in the world. in the alternative Omicron But experts predict it is spreading faster.

The research also concludes that during the current wave of infections, there is a greater risk of re-infection than there is a previous infection. However, the risk of hospitalization with Covid-19 in adults was reduced by 29% compared to the first wave. The risk of hospitalization and serious complications in children increased by about 20 percent, although the incidence was very low at seven days.

Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest private health insurance official, which commissioned the study, cautioned that the study’s results were preliminary.

The research is based on 211,000 positive tests from November 15 to December 7. In 78,000 positive tests, it is believed to be a form of Omicron, although it has not yet been confirmed by genetic sequencing. South African scientists have so far confirmed nearly 550 cases of oomicrons by sequencing.

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At the end of last month, I drew attention to the new look Republic of South Africa. Since then, the daily number of infected people has risen to an average of 20,000 cases per day. Many countries have imposed travel restrictions for many countries in South Africa.

South Africa inoculation with materials from the company Pfizer a Johnson & Johnson. The country of about 60 million people has so far provided more than 20 million Pfizer benefits.