January 27, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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They picked up a rare phenomenon in Slovakia. You may not have seen a rainbow in the dark yet

Rainbow, a phenomenon that all of us have probably experienced in our lives. However, catching it in the dark is another rarity.

We were taught as children that rainbows are actually an optical phenomenon that originates in the Earth’s atmosphere. Its formation results from the scattering of sunlight passing through the droplet.

So a prerequisite for the formation of a rainbow is the presence of water droplets in the atmosphere and the sun, the light of which can pass through the droplets. But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Proof of this is the photo that Matisse Morten managed to take on the evening of Friday, November 19. The watch at that time showed 18:39.

He managed to catch a rainbow in the dark near the village of Liptovsky Peter. It is located in the Liptovsky Mikulas district.

Catching a rainbow in the dark is more than rare, Source: Matthew Morten

Rainbow formation at night

To be straight in the evening. At night, to be able to observe a rainbow, certain conditions must be met. who are they?

The first is the full moon, respectively. Moonlight and rain at night. This is what happened that evening.

The full moon came on the same day, and it was raining in the area. However, the night rainbow is faint with indistinct colors.

But this is a rare phenomenon, because the moon shines sufficiently in this way only in a short period around the full moon. Interestingly, until the time of Aristotle, the observation of the night rainbow was considered a fabrication.

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You can brag about your catch

In conclusion, we just remind you that if you managed to catch something interesting with weather or astronomy, be it in the form of a photo or a video, be sure to send it to us.

You can do this for example via this link.