October 22, 2021

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They managed to do this in Prešov.  Watch what a winter stadium looks like after a major renovation - Extraliga - Ice Hockey - Sports

They managed to do this in Prešov. Watch what a winter stadium looks like after a major renovation – Extraliga – Ice Hockey – Sports

The city of Prešov officially opened a renovated winter stadium on Friday, which spectators will already have access to.

Ice rink and grandstands in ...

Before the first Friday match of the extra league for hockey players Prešov against Banska Bystrica, all 3505 new seats were installed for €370,000 with VAT already on them.

In agreement with the city, the contractor carried out the work before the contractually agreed October deadline, in order to ensure a smooth start to the top hockey competition.

“Last year, we successfully completed the largest reconstruction of the winter stadium since its construction in order to create a modern and safe hall in Prešov, which will be the basis for the development of the Prešov hockey stadium.

Presov Mayor Andrea Turchanova said before the evening meeting of the new extra club in Prešov against Banska Bystrica.

The home team's locker room at the Ice Arena... Photo: SITA, Viktor Zamborsk

Winter Stadium, Prešov The home team’s locker room at the Ice Arena winter stadium in Prešov.

The total competitive price of the seats, including their assembly, is 370 thousand euros with VAT.

The price is about 80,000 euros lower than originally expected. The city of Prešov also received a subsidy from the Prešov Autonomous Region (PSK) for the purchase of seats under the region’s invitation in the amount of 175,000 euros.

“First of all, I would like to thank the sports fans for their patience. Sometimes it’s nervous in sports and hockey, and it’s also nervous about those three years of waiting.

But the result is here and we can take a look at the beautiful renovated winter stadium. “I believe that the preliminary match for the extra league will also be successful for the people of Prešov,” said PSK president Milan Majerski.

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The new seats are in dark red and are divided into three classes: basic (3440 pieces), above standard (48 pieces) and VIP (17 pieces).

The common element for all seats is the acoustic adjustment from the underside of the seat. The supplier and contractor for the works was Pesmenpol spol. s ro Prešov as the winner of the public tender.

This year, the city of Prešov has also installed other technological elements in the stadium, which are necessary for the extra league.

The turnstiles are equipped with new software and hardware with a ticket scanning superstructure. A new camera system with video referee has been added, part of the stadium buildings have been maintained for maintenance, and the entire infrastructure has been put into operation with preparations for the construction of cafeterias.

In addition, compressors and other technical equipment on the inside of the building have undergone maintenance. The city has allocated a gradual subsidy in the amount of a total of more than one million euros to guarantee the terms of the additional league, the new hockey club and the operation of the stadium.

Renovated winter stadium buildings... Photo: SITA, Viktor Zamborsk

Winter Stadium, Prešov The buildings of the reconstructed Ice Arena in Prešov.

“I am glad that before the first match we were able to finish everything and without any problems and restrictions we can play the first match in the extra league after 23 years,” said the president of the Prešov club, which was created through the transfer of the additional team. League license from Detva, Róbert Ľupták.

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The city completed the first phase of the reconstruction of the Winter Stadium, which was constructed in 1967, at the end of last year. It cost approximately 4.9 million euros with VAT.

According to the mayor, a second phase of reconstruction is needed, including stadium insulation and air conditioning. It should cost an estimated 2.5 to three million euros. In her opinion, it is also necessary to ensure the construction of a new training hall.

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In this regard, the city expects to receive assistance from the state or from the Slovak Ice Hockey Association, since, according to Torchanova, the municipality no longer has additional resources for these investments.

“I am convinced that if we take advantage of an offer from abroad where the investor wanted to build a new new stadium for $20 million, we could have today a new, modern stadium and avoid the problems we had.

But I respect the opinion of the professional public that they want to preserve this unique building. Our stadium would be really exceptional, because building such a rope would probably be the only one with an ice surface, because it is not suitable.

That’s why I’m really pleading that we need to get quality ACs here ASAP.”