January 16, 2022

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They have published a rating of the best places in the world where you can live.  Prague is also in the top ten

They have published a rating of the best places in the world where you can live. Prague is also in the top ten

If you are relocating in the future and it doesn’t bother you to be outside Slovakia, we have a great tool for you. In these cities you will find the most beautiful monuments, the best cafes created for pleasant sitting and you will experience a unique sense of belonging.

outlet time out It comes again in the ranking of the best cities in the world. In these places you will experience the best relaxation, but at the same time they are full of wonderful restaurants and cafes, where vegetarians come to their senses, but also lovers of steaks, good coffee or sweets. This year’s ranking helped bring together more than 27,000 people who live in cities. This time it was more difficult, because they had to take into account not only the cultural experiences or the cleanliness of the city, but also how they live here with various restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

San Francisco took first place

When the epidemiological situation was worse, San Francisco did not hesitate to put in place the harshest measures in the United States. However, small businesses have been invented and found a way to stay afloat and continue to please people. In addition, people keep it together, which is reflected in the highest vaccination rates, he writes CNN. The city also excels in the amount of green space and adaptability. And you will definitely never get bored here, there is always something to do and discover.


Amsterdam has also focused on the city’s culture and history during the pandemic. Its residents are also satisfied with the amount of green space and sustainability. For many, the famous red light district has been a thorn in their side, but other than that, the city is modern and eco-friendly.

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Manchester is also an example of the fact that anything is possible if you want. In the worst of times, residents have united and created a space they can be proud of. In their opinion, the city is an example of creativity, and there are also other festivals and events that no lover of culture and art will miss. The general atmosphere here is very friendly, all the time you feel as if you are among the good neighbours.


Denmark has long been considered the country where the world’s most satisfied people live. This is where the famous concept appeared cheerfulwhose main idea is to create a completely comfortable space for relaxation. There is always something to discover in the city and lovers of greenery will also enjoy themselves.

New York

New York was on our best places list this year, which is a testament to resilience. Success, for example, is the Open Restaurant Initiative, where regular sidewalks have been converted into vibrant community centers.

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In the future, you should definitely find some time to visit Montreal. It is a city full of life and culture, boredom and monotony are out of the question here. In this city you can show your “I” and have a lot of unrestrained fun.


You’ll also find Prague in the top ten. Although she went through a difficult period during the lockdown, it did not detract from her beauty on the contrary. Although people in most parts of the world like to be able to get around by car, here you should definitely find time for a quiet morning coffee and a walk around the square or Charles Bridge.

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Tel Aviv

Even in Tel Aviv, life did not stop despite the pandemic, although a short break was necessary. Lovers of picnics or yoga in the garden or on the beach will enjoy here, as well as those who will not miss any high-quality concert.

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Porto is also famous for its graffiti artists, who have beautified the city with their works especially in the last year. For lovers of classic art, the galleries open their doors. Emphasis is being placed on building sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists, and terraces and community parks are being expanded.

Such as

People in Tokyo were wearing headscarves long before the pandemic started, so they have infected them a little less than the rest of the world. In the past two years, a number of new attractions have been added to the city, which you can discover from morning to evening. In addition, there is a great public transportation system, you can get to anywhere you want quickly and easily.

The ranking included a total of 37 places to find them is yours.

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